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Complete Review of the 4rabet download for iOS and Android


Bonus up to 20,000


If you are looking for a great betting experience in India, the 4rabet App would be perfect. The good thing about this App is that you can play your favorite games with your mobile devices. You can find it on iOS and Android mobile devices. It is also available in Hindi and English. Besides India, the 4rabet App is legally accepted in many other countries. The Curacao Gaming Commission licenses it. The App accepts Indian and international payment methods like UPI, Cryptocurrencies, and PayTM. The one notable advantage of this App is its attractive welcome bonuses. Installing this App will only take you a few minutes. Once you are done, you can play it from the comfort of your home. In this review, we shall find out more about the 4rabet mobile App and the value it gives to its users.

  • Application version 1.2
  • APK file weight 6 Mb
  • Application weight 30 Mb
  • Downloading Free
  • Supported OS iOS, Android
  • Access to broadcasts After registering
  • Access to sports betting After registering
  • Official App page 4rabet App
  • Fast 4rabet apk download; if you use an Android mobile phone, downloading this App will only take you a few minutes.
  • Feature-rich; the mobile App comes with different features for its users. The features include attractive welcome bonuses, different payment methods, etc.
  • Attractive bonuses; if you are an Indian player, the App offers you some good bonuses for its new and existing players. It contains many online slots for its casino games; they are user-friendly, and their control is simple.
  • Fewer payment methods; the App only supports a few payment methods in India. They include e-wallets, PayTM, UPI, etc.
  • Withdrawals take longer; if you want to withdraw your winnings or bonuses, the process will take longer than expected. In most cases, the withdrawal process is incomplete due to the timing issue.

The study on the 4rabet App

The 4rabet mobile App contains an excellent and perfect design. It simplifies the process of placing bets. Their user interface is easy to use and understand for both new and existing players. The punters are updated on the latest scores, odds, and other important information here.

Whether you are a new or existing online bettor, this App will give you a different experience on your smartphone. The major advantage of the 4rabet apk download is that bettors are guaranteed to win bonus rewards and offers.

These bonuses can be used to place wagers on your ideal sports events for free. It is regardless of where you are going. Any transactions carried out through the mobile App take a few minutes to complete.

The procedure of downloading the 4rabet App on Android devices

The 4rabet App download for Android is very easy. Once you have completed downloading it, you can enjoy playing the numerous games. The following are the steps to follow when downloading it;

  • Change your phone’s settings; go to your phone’s settings and tap on the unknown sources button. You will find the button under the device administration column. It will enable downloading from other unknown sources.
  • Download the apk file; visit the official website of the 4rabet App and download it.
  • Install the App; once the download is completed, hit the 4rabet App install button. After installing it, you can now proceed and enjoy your sports betting.

The requirements for Android in the 4rabet App

Before downloading and installing the 4rabet App for Android devices, ensure that it meets the following system requirements.

OS Android 5.0 or higher
RAM 4 Gb and above
Processor 1.4 Ghz or higher
Memory Space 30+ Mb

Note: use the browser version of their official website if your mobile device doesn’t meet the 4rabet App on Android system requirements.

The mobile devices (Android) that handle 4rabet App

  • Oneplus 7, 7T;
  • Oppo Reno;
  • Redmi Note 7, 8, and 9;
  • Google Pixel 3;
  • Samsung Galaxy M51, A20, A10, Note 10, A30;
  • Huawei Mate 20;
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra;
  • Vivo X60 Pro+;
  • Poco F3 GT;
  • Realme Narzo 30 5G;
  • Mi 11X Pro;
  • iQOO 7 Legend;
  • Infinix Note 10 Pro;
  • Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and more.

The 4rabet App for iOS overview

The 4rabet App for iOS offers the complete App experience for this smart device. The 4rabet App download for iOS is similar to that of Android. Here, players can quickly and easily withdraw their winnings. They can also top up their respective accounts.

Additionally, they can switch on the notification button to be updated on every cricket match. The great App will give you the betting experience you desire.

Steps to follow when downloading the 4rabet App for iOS

  • Start downloading; click on the link that we have provided. It will take you to the Apple App Store.
  • Click on the download file button;
  • Open the App; among your downloads, look for the client for iOS and tap on it to open;
  • Install; change your country or region, then install the 4rabet App to earn money on your iOS device.

If the downloading process gives you problems, contact the 4rabet customer service team. They are always available in case you require their services.

The requirements for iOS in the 4rabet App

Be keen on the system requirements for your 4rabet App. Ensure that your iPad or iPhone meets the following criteria before you continue in the downloading process;

OS iOS 12.0 or higher
RAM 4 Gb and above
Processor 1.2 Ghz or higher
Memory Space 20+ Mb

The iOS devices that have 4rabet App

  • iPhone 4s;
  • iPhone 11, Pro, Pro Max;
  • iPhone 6, 6 Plus;
  • iPhone 5, 5S, 5C;
  • iPhone 7, 8, X, XR, XS;
  • iPhone 12
  • iPad Air;
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Pro;
  • iPad 2;
  • iPad Air 4;
  • iPad 7.

Cricket betting summary in the 4rabet App

Using the 4rabet mobile App for online cricket betting is fun and entertaining. The App contains all the famous cricket tournaments such as T20 World Cup, ICC World Cup, etc. it also has other betting alternatives with good odds to keep bettors engaged.

Once the download is complete, you can place pre-match or live cricket bets in your account. You can also play the numerous online games available on this platform. With the mobile App, it becomes easy and portable. You can play it from anywhere. However, it would be best to develop a schedule for both time and budget.

It will enable you to be an effective user of the 4rabet App. You can use the App for free or with money. If you are doing it with cash, ensure that you have set aside an amount you are not afraid of losing. Additionally, besides cricket betting, engage yourself in other productive activities. If necessary, you can also take breaks from the sport.

The steps of making a cricket bet for the 4rabet App

  • Create a 4rabet account; you can only create and gamble with a 4rabet account if you are eighteen years and above. It is the legally-accepted age for gambling in India. The registration process is straightforward and will take 10-15 minutes to complete.
  • Open the App and sign in to top up your account; the 4rabet download App is free. The next thing to do is add cash to your App betting account.
  • Start cricket betting; to start the online betting using this App, do the following;
  • Choose a line or live betting; go to the sports menu and choose between line or live to wager using your mobile device. Accessing this two is very easy. Once you tap on the chosen option, you will find a lot of betting sports.
  • Select cricket; choose cricket from the available sports.
  • Pick the match or tournament and hit the odds; next, select your cricket match or tournament on which you would love to wager and click on odds. To get better returns from your bets, you can take advantage of the statistics.
  • Place your wager; the tournament is added to the bet slip automatically. At the bottom of the screen is where you will find it. Then, select the number of bets you wish to place and the exact amount.
  • Confirm; verify your betting details and click on the ‘place a bet’ tab to cross-check.

The procedure of withdrawing your winning in the 4rabet App

  • Load the betting website on your mobile device;
  • Sign in to your sports betting account;
  • Tap on the deposit tab;
  • Select order payment on the new window;
  • Choose the withdrawal method you would like to use;
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw;
  • Give any other requirement.

The deposit methods available in the 4rabet App

There are over 20 options for making deposits in the 4rabet App. Select the one you love and start receiving money on your account immediately. Making payments on the website is very convenient, and the fees are small or absent.

To deposit on the website, you need to register. It does not take long to do so. Enter your email and password and verify the rules of the site. Choose the currency that you would love to use and then deposit.

There are many depositing methods and their fees and limits. Most of them have free fees and offer reasonable limits. For example, Perfect Money and Cryptocurrencies do not have any limits. Other payment methods contain ₹300 as their minimum deposit amount. The maximum limit depends on the system limit of your favorite payment method. The following table shows the different payment systems and fund deposit times.

Payment system Min deposit amount Max deposit amount Funds deposit time
PayTM 300 INR 100000 INR 2-7 days
Neteller 300 INR 100000 INR instantly
UPI 300 INR 100000 INR 30 min-2 hours
Maestro 300 INR 100000 INR 1-3 days
MasterCard 300 INR 100000 INR 1-3 days
Visa 300 INR 100000 INR 15-30 minutes
Skrill 300 INR 100000 INR 2-5 days

The withdrawal methods used in the 4rabet App

The withdrawal steps are more of the same as the deposit ones. There are several withdrawal methods you can use. Among them are IMPS and PayTM. You need an account on the site and also confirm it. It is a straightforward procedure.

After registering, you will receive an email that has the verification link. Once you tap on it, the account will be verified. Then, you can withdraw your funds. It is important to verify your account in order to bring back access to it if it has disappeared. Verification also helps in minimizing the number of fake accounts.to withdraw your winnings;

  • Sign into their profile;
  • Tap on the payment tab;
  • Click on the order payment;
  • Select the given payment method;
  • Enter the wallet number through PayTM by providing the account name and number;
  • Type the amount of money you wish to withdraw depending on the limit of your preferred method;
  • Click on the withdraw tab.

The withdrawal time in the 4rabet mobile App is very fast. It takes up to 24 hours, during several days or weeks on others. If you are using PayTM, the minimum amount you can withdraw is ₹1000, while in IMPS, ₹3000.

The maximum amount and commissions depend on your preferred choice of withdrawal methods. The following table shows the payment methods and their commission fees.

Payment system Min deposit amount Max deposit amount Commission Fee
PayTM 300 INR 100000 INR Free
Neteller 300 INR 100000 INR Free
UPI 300 INR 100000 INR Free
Maestro 300 INR 100000 INR Free
MasterCard 300 INR 100000 INR Free
Visa 300 INR 100000 INR Free
Skrill 300 INR 100000 INR Free

Can you use the latest version to update the 4rabet App?

To improve their software, the 4rabet developers frequently roll out updates. To enjoy the 4rabet apk, download latest version; you must update the mobile App for a better betting experience. You can update your App within no time, whether using the 4rabet iOS or Android App.

After the latest App version is released, punters can either choose to do it automatically or manually. The steps for manual App updates are as follows;

  • Have an internet connection; the first thing to do is ensure that you have a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Click on the 4rabet App; tap on the App and the three vertical dots later.
  • Look out for updates; go to the update button and click on it. It is to ensure that there are updates on your latest version.
  • Please tap on the update button; click on it to download the latest App version. Open and view the updated APK file. As for the automatic App updates, do the following;
  • Visit your device settings; the settings are standard on all mobile devices.
  • Select auto-update Apps; it enables you to use the latest version of the App’s sportsbook.
  • Select your preferred update; there will be a window that Appears to ask for the preferences for your updates. Decide on your preference and tap on it.
  • Click on “done”; once you finish the above steps, click on the “done” button to verify.

The steps of uninstalling the 4rabt App from your smartphone

On both Android and iOS mobile devices, you may decide to uninstall the 4rabet App due to unavoidable reasons.

For Android, follow these steps;

  • Tap and long-press the App icon on your Android phone
  • Click on the uninstall button Confirm;
  • Finally, verify your action by clicking on the OK button to uninstall the 4rabet App.

For iOS;

  • Tap and long-press the App
  • Press delete
  • Verify your uninstallation; after you are completely sure that you want to uninstall this App, confirm all the details and proceed with the process.

If you want to know the Android version you are operating on, go to the Apps > Settings and About tablet/phone. Additionally, the newest version of this App requires some permissions. You will get a notification requesting you to accept them if this is the case.

The comparison of the App, Mobile Browser Version, and Web Version

Indian players can access their mobile 4rabet App in two ways; the App download or the browser version. These versions are more of the same, but there are still some slight differences you should note before playing.

You are allowed to choose the time of version that you prefer. In the following table, we shall look at the three versions; mobile App, mobile browser, and website.

Mobile App Mobile Browser Website
  • It offers more anonymity than the other two versions.
  • The benefit of it is that you do not have to clear browser history or cookies.
  • It also allows you to enjoy the latest bets.
  • Here, you do not require a 4rabet App login when playing. It saves your details and keeps you signed in until you decide to log out.
  • The browser and the desktop App are the same in game choice, functionality and design. However, it is packed tightly because of the small screen.
  • One of its major benefit is that it does not need any 4rabet download or IPA clients.
  • You can play from it directly and save memory by avoiding pesky updates and software installation.
  • It is the most comfortable one for playing online.
  • It has a clear design and functionality making it easy for new players. They will be able to search for games, bonuses and any other details.
  • Clients can also get instant access to their live chat platform.

The benefits and disadvantages of the 4rabet App


  • It has easy and fast deposit methods; the 4rabet App has easy and numerous deposit methods for you. The depositing time is equally fast.
  • Large welcome bonuses; as a new player, this App will offer you an attractive welcome bonus. For your first deposit, the welcome bonus is 200% up to INR 20,000.
  • Besides cricket, it has different sports events; this App offers other sporting events such as football, tennis, basketball, etc.
  • It covers domestic championships and cricket matches; the App will keep you updated with any cricket matches and tournaments locally.
  • It offers a live betting section; as a cricket fan, you will be treated to a live betting session which is quite entertaining.
  • It can be used in multiple languages; apart from Hindi and English, the 4rabet App can be used in over a hundred languages globally.
  • Their site is easy to use; the App’s website is easy to use and navigate for both new and existing players. Their interface can be well understood too.
  • There are high odds on major events; the App gives high odds for their top events.


  • Unavailable customer service; in some cases, their customer service is unreachable whenever you need help. You may end up outsourcing help from other platforms.
  • Insufficient promotions; in this App, the promotions are not so many. You have very limited options. The bonus terms are complicated; as much as they give attractive bonuses to their users, the terms are confusing and, at times, misleading.

Therefore, it is important to thoroughly read and understand their terms before claiming any bonuses. Note that there is no major difference between the App and the website in terms of capabilities and features. But if you want the speed and convenience of it, ensure that you get the 4rabet App download for iOS and Android devices.

The bottom line about the 4rabet App

The most important thing those big companies can do is keep track of their customer’s betting preferences and interests. For instance, if it is about the Indian market, the App has betting shops for various sporting events at particular times.

The App has developed video slots and online casinos for those tired of normal slot machines. The best part about this App is a 200% welcome bonus for its players. It is why this App is among the best in the Indian market. Get the 4rabet apk download 2023 and see for yourself. All the best!

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