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Cricket Betting Sites

While navigating for best cricket betting sites in India, it can be hard to operate due to humungous numbers of untrustworthy operator. But no worries, we will help you in finding the best cricket betting sites which are trusted by millions of users nationwide and also the tips on what to look out for while choosing an online cricket betting site.

Best Betting Sites

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How to Сhoose a cricket betting site?

The Table 1 shows the cricket betting games and their top cricket betting sites in India based on user’s ranking and what factors are important while discussing such things:

  1. Reviews research:

One of the basic steps in watching them is to continually read reviews and then establish a monetary relationship with them. There are many different strategies for playing cricket so you should look for one that suits you. Once you have chosen the site you want to bet with, the word of mouth of other users is most important, as it gives a general idea of the site’s reliability. Reading reviews gives you an idea of whether the site is legit or not, and how it compares to other betting sites.

  1. Check for security details:

security icon

There are several sites that undermine the image of online cricket betting by engaging in scams and fake deals, so you have to be very careful when choosing a site. Those sites with contact details and addresses of the owners are more trustworthy. While when using a site for cricket betting and online satta cricket, make sure that the URL has a padlock sign that shows that the site is encrypted and handled by professionals.


  1. Assess the interface:

Whenever cricket betting websites are chosen, the interface of that site matters the most. The good interface acts like a filter from other lower rated sites, as the navigation and font appearance is much better in top rated sites. So before settling for a site, carefully spend time on few websites and then compare them to see which one suites better according to your preferences.

  1. Look at offers and bonuses:

bonus icon

Every site has different ways to attracts customers and posting offers and bonuses, being one of the main method. So every site has different bonuses to offer. Apart from that, the payment method and policies also differ, so the feasibility of that payment method respective to your region should also be checked.



  1. Legality:

Every country and state has their own regulations and concerned departments and it is necessary to make sure the betting sites are legal and approved by Gambling Issuance Authority. This can be checked by looking out at reviews of apps at the relevant app store, used to download it. This becomes more important to check at the places where the betting is legalized recently or it is prohibited by government.

  1. Most reliable online betting sites:

While relying on online betting sites on cricket, there is always a disadvantage of the identity and reliability of the company as there have been cases where the betting sites have faced outages and some even got bust. To prevent the loss of money and watching all your money going down the drain without leaving any traces, it’s important to know that the company has the relevant structure and identity which can handle huge customer flow.

  1. Live Game Betting:

Most sites have shifted to the option of placing bets once the match has started and they keep offering the odds for shorter times, which depends on how the situation of match is changing. This comes in handy when the live betting is down to variety of options for betting.

  1. Live Streaming:

Whenever there are extensive TV rights deals in a sport, it means that the match is really important and can be hard or entertaining for customers. Recently the online subscriptions for sports channels have grown in demand and it’s another factor to consider the online betting system. Since their popularity is sky rocketing and some sites are good at this so make sure before betting that the betting site does offer the opportunity of live streaming. The cash-out feature, which is recently introduced, has also become very popular and good live streaming is important to make good betting and decisions.

  1. Cash out:

cash icon

Cash out feature is an option where the person making a bet can clear his bet before the last league of the match, which helps in cutting their losses or securing a partial a mount in winning. It has proved to be a great way to manage the risk of betting, but the level of cash out is decided differently by every site, so searching it beforehand can come in handy.


  1.  Tipping Guides:

The tip guide is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing an online betting site. There are several experts who give tips daily and have their own social accounts dedicated to tips, it is also worth reading the guide for cricket before playing. Therefore, it’s a good idea to listen to these tips before placing a bet.

  1.  Online Deposit Bonuses:

All the websites offer deposit bonus on entering of every new customer in a form of cash when they sign up, or when they deposit the money for first time. To convince the customers to deposit money in their account, the cash bonus is offered in different forms. Either it’s the cash bonus or free bets which customer receives from the bookie.

  1.  Coverage:

Another vital factor that can be important is to lookout for the quality of the coverage, whether it be narrowing or widening odds. If in any case the site turns out to be a little weak in certain cricket league or restricted due to geographical locations, then the information on the live betting cannot be accurate. So for a minimum criteria to lookout, important leagues are covered by such sites which gives reliable coverage, at least from the area where it is taking place.

  1.  Betting formats:

Another deciding factor while thinking to choose a site could be different wagers on online site. For example, there are some sites which offer the customers to bet with other customers, whereas others continue betting against traditional bookmaker. Bookmaker’s offers can vary and give facilities like accumulators.

  1.  User Experience:

User Interface and user Experience has become important in internet sites and apps and if the experience of users is bad, then the reputation of that particular app or site is directly affected. And same tip is applicable to mobile cricket bet apps, where the reviews of that app can be read from app store.

Cricket Betting Offers:

With the ever increasing of traffic towards these sites, and especially during the quarantine period, online betting site saw a boom like never witnessed before. This led to the cricket betting sites organizers to provide more services and lucrative offers to gather maximum clients as possible. Few of these promotional services provided by those sites will be discussed one by one.

  1. Free Bets:

Free bets are given to customers quite extensively by the online betting sites in India, and the offer type and amount can vary from operator to operator. Free bet is a way to offer client to place a bet without any risk of losing anything. For example, a client receives a 200 free bet, then on the odds of 10/1, the client will win 2000. But the bookie will cut the fee of free bet and the winner will win a net amount of 1800. It can act a welcoming gift for the new comers and an appreciation offer for existing customer. But there are benchmarks and eligibility for these free bets, as they restricted to selected sports or on selected matches of cricket.

A no deposit bonus is another type which of offer and is considered one of the rarest by online betting sites. This bonus can be claimed by the new comers upon sign in, without any deposit. In easy words, it’s a free money with which any bets can be placed without the fear of loss. But there are some restrictions, which needs to be fulfilled, before withdrawing the money from no deposit bonus.

The bonuses can be offered in mainly two ways:

  • Cash: It’s the most common way with which bookies keep their customers happy. The site simply deposits the bonus in your wallet. This is the usual methods which is adopted by several online betting sites in India.
  • Free Bets: The no deposit bonus can be paid in the form of free bets as well. Where the cash isn’t sent directly to the customer’s wallet, instead it is paid in the form of free bets equal in amount to no deposit bonus. The details will be discussed later in this article.
  1. Betting Offer:

The betting offer is usually defined as a bonus and reward given to the customer by the site as an appreciation for joining their betting site or for promotional reasons to boom the internet traffic towards their site. This also provides opportunity to customers to increase their earning or profit by availing these offers. These offers come in various forms like welcome bonus and free bets. This all starts for customer by signing in and making an account on a particular site. Then the details of the offer are necessary to read and understand as you agree to them.

The world of online betting is on a boom and since its dependence on technology, new offers and interface keep on updating regarding those sites. This has resulted in a highly competitive environment, once the sites are analyzed. Meanwhile the bookies also look for more lucrative ideas to attract the customers while maintaining the share of their profit higher. To earn the loyalty of customers, bookies and sites have to constantly gives offers which make the customer stay to it and keep their sites easier to navigate to make it as easy as it can get to make a bet for customers. Customers constantly look for a better site with a much friendly user interface and a trend of satisfying their customers. And once they are assured of better opportunities on a particular site, it’s rare that they are going to leave and sign up somewhere else. Good offers by a site can spread in the betting world like a fire, as the recommendations and rating of that site continues to grow.

The betting offer can consist of several types:

  • New Customer Offer: The offer is offered exclusively to new customers and those who sign in for the first time. This offer is considered the most lucrative to attract the customers as it gives amount even if the customer hasn’t played the first bet. So before choosing the website, it’s better to go through at most sites to see which one offer the highest bonus to the new comers. This offer can be cashed the moment a customer makes a new account to resister and do the first transaction. But there are eligibility requirements on some sites to claim these offers.
  • Deposit Bonuses: This type of offer is available to both type of customer in online cricket betting sites in Indian Rupees, i.e., newcomers and regular customers. Deposit bonus is available throughout the year to different customers and is dependent on the amount of money deposited. Bookies can offer bonuses of 100% usually and sometimes up to 200% as well. So for example, after availing this offer, an amount of 2000 is deposited to bookie, the return is going to be 4000 normally and in special offers, can go as cricket high as 6000. But despite all this, the betting sites has a limit of deposit bonus they can offer, so it’s necessary to read it in guidelines to see the amount of restricted bonuses.
  • No Deposit Bonuses: Very famous in Indian online cricket betting sites, this is one more kind of reward given as the need might arise for stores. In any case, the reward would be of a restricted sum – say a hundred or 500 rupees. However, there is no mischief in tolerating such rewards. Regardless of whether the proposition terminates, you don’t remain to lose anything. The reason for a no deposit bonus is to urge clients to take a stab at new games. Wagering destinations likewise utilize this proposal as an instrument to push clients towards specific exercises which they would some way or another disregard, such as checking their record subtleties, giving bank subtleties, and so forth.
  • Increased Orders: Otherwise called helped or improved chances, this wagering offer expands the chances of a specific wagering occasion for bettors. This sort of proposition has gotten a great deal of speed, and is an intriguing method for expanding client investment. In the event that you win a bet utilizing this proposition, your expanded income will be paid either in real assets or as wagered credits. There is a greatest cap on profit utilizing the supported chances, with the time legitimacy of such chances additionally restricted. These chances are not accessible for all business sectors. As a bettor, you can demand the bookmaker to give you helped chances. In the event that accessible for your market or determination, you can access such chances and put down wagers as needs be.
  • Cashback: The offer of cashback is like a guarantee from the bookie towards their customers, where a certain amount of loss is agreed to be paid by the bookie, and is a lucrative offer to attract customers. Tis payback amount is restricted to a certain value and percentage, which is written in offer before. For example, 15% cashback on all losses for 15 days, whereas some shape their offer with respect to bets, like 15% cashback on the first 5 bets, which attracts customers more to their betting sites.
  1. Welcome offer:

Best cricket betting in India and their sites welcome their new customers and show their appreciation by offering a welcome bonus, which is technically a reward for customer for trusting their site over others. This extra bonus is given as a reward and to start the betting initially. Welcome offers come in several ways:

  • Deposit Bonus: One of the most common welcome bonus comes in the way of Deposit bonus. This offer is basically a gift from bookies for making the first deposit and making the bonus offer equal to the deposited amount. Like for example, most sites offer a 100% bonus of the deposited amount equal to ₹8000, which means that a 1000 deposit is going to give you 1000 extra. Some sites have even made this no deposit bonus offer, which simply gives the bonus, irrespective of the deposited amount.
  • Free Bets: Lately one of the other common bonus offers have become by offering free bets to the customers. By practice this offer is reversed for regular customers, but some bookies have offered to new customers as well, for the promotions. Free bet – as the name suggests, it is a bet without money for beginners. In this case, the bookmaker offers an amount for a beginner bettor and tell how to win at cricket, and in the case of winning the client receives the amount of the first win, without betting. And vice versa also applies, that the bookie will lose the amount in case if the customer loses, but the customer is not going to face any loss. This type of offer is usually favorable for the customers while they explore the new markets and venues to bet or in the case if the customer is new on betting games. Having a free bet, allows the users to bet on even tips with high stake or the predictions of the match, as the customer has nothing to lose in their account. Some offer free bet after you sign up to their site but usually this comes with a certain bet type.
  • Cashback: This type of welcome bonuses one of the rarest but this doesn’t decrease its values. This bonus offers to return a cashback, i.e., a certain amount of loss on bet will be given back by the bookie. As for the example: “20% cashback bonus is offered to new comers up to a certain amount of ₹1,700” which means even when you are losing the stake, there is a cash guarantee that yo u will not lose all the amount. This comes in handy for the experienced customers, who are looking for new avenues to explore and want to put all their stakes on the bet.

How to make a bet?

Let’s take the example of PariMatch, which is considered one of the top cricket betting sites in India, has made the navigation, guidance and making a bet so easy for their customers:

  1. Create a PariMatch account to sign in.
  2. After being asked to deposit cash, deposit some money.
  3. Navigate to the “live events” sections, and then select a live mat h on which you want to bet, and click on it.
  4. Betting happens on different rates for very match, so after checking and choosing live bet type from customers, place your bet on it.

Popular Cricket Tournaments

The world of cricket has always created new and exciting platforms for various cricket messages and this has led to more bookers doing it at nearly every main event. Here few important cricket leagues are mentioned and discussed.

  • IPL:

    When a game is highly regarded and watched in a particular region, it can be said that the betting market for that game in that place is good. Indians are big cricket fans and consider their cricket players as idols and even gods in some regions. This clearly shows how IPL cricket betting is a good market to invest in.

  • ICC World Cup:

    The ICC Champions Trophy is a One-Day International cricket tournament and is held under the banner of International Cricket Council. Although this was supposed to continue till 2013 but due to its ever increasing popularity, the contract of it was extended till 2017.

  • ICC World T20:

    The ICC Champions Trophy is a One-Day International cricket tournament and is held under the banner of International Cricket Council. Although this was supposed to continue till 2013 but due to its ever increasing popularity, the contract of it was extended till 2017.

  • The Ashes:

    The Ashes is a Test cricket series played among England and Australia. The term started in a mocking eulogy distributed in a British paper, The Sporting Times, following Australia’s 1882 triumph at The Oval, its first Test win on English soil.


In conclusion, it could be said that betting on cricket in India and online betting system has proved to be revolution in this field as the integration of technology with sports betting, especially in cricket, has made it easier for every type of consumer to join the online bet. The biggest advantage these platforms have provided are the hassle free betting system, which is more secure than being done physically.