Howzzaaattttt!!! – Who doesn’t like the sound of it when your home team is smashing the game and earning accolades? Also, who wouldn’t like to earn some bucks simultaneously?? The world of online cricket betting is fascinating not only because of the game but also the unpredictable outcomes that no one could physically control. The adrenaline rush is a kick of its own and every punter would certainly agree with us. is here to enhance your betting experience with the perfect sport ambience required to hype up your spirits! Bet with us and earn rewards like never before! Welcome to the world of possibilities, and never ending winnings.

List of the Best Cricket Bookie in India

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What is Online Cricket Betting all about?

Cricket is a multi-dimensional game and its origins go way back in history. If you have seen ‘Lagaan’, though it is a fictional film, certain facts have been rightly depicted. And what are those? The East India Company introduced the bat and ball game to the Indians. While we have, ofcourse, rotten under the stringent rule of the Britishers, the cricket fans would always be happy for introducing the miraculous game to the country.

Cricket Betting

In the olden days, the game began as a small rolling of the ball on the ground and hitting it with a wooden stick. And then the ball rose into the air and the batsman started making boundaries. The two different versions of the game have almost decades of time to evolve and become what the game is today.

Next question arises – What is Online Cricket betting? The betters place their money against a prediction that they make about the cricket match or the series. For instance, they can bet on who will win the match, the number of boundaries in an over, the maximum score, best batsman, most wickets or more. Any prediction and if it comes true, the better bags the money. If not, he loses it. makes complete efforts to provide the best betting experience for our customers.

Is Online Cricket betting legal in India or Not?

Online cricket betting is legal in India? Really? Nah…I don’t think so! You will certainly hear people say this a lot. But we’d like to say that would never indulge in activities that risk national security or trouble the people who we aim to entertain. The whole concept of online betting in India is subject to conditions and debates. But we’d like to lay out everything before you with facts and evidence. For, this would create the right picture of betting in everyone’s minds.

Cricket Betting Legal in IndiaPublic Gambling Act of 187 – According to this, it was clearly stated that any ‘Luck’ based online bettings are prohibited in India. However, if they are skill based, the government conditionally allows them. It means, if your betting is based on predictions that do not use a punter’s skills, you cannot have them in India. And in cricket betting, it is all about luck and chance. So, yes, according to this, Indian websites cannot host online cricket betting. However, most of the websites that allow Indians to place bets on cricket matches are headquartered overseas. The Indian jurisdiction doesn’t extend till there.

Before we ask if Online cricket betting is legal in India, let us discuss offline betting. Even Offline cricket betting is prohibited in India except for 12 different casinos in Goa, Daman and Sikkim. These are having genuine licensing and the government also closely tracks them. BUt every law has sub-laws or associated laws that open gateways for us. The Indian federal law doesn’t directly prohibit ‘Cricket betting’. It does say that luck based betting is not to be encouraged, however, few would debate that cricket betting is knowledge based too.

So, each state has its own say to decide whether they’d allow betting or not. So, according to the state rules laid down, you can either indulge in online cricket betting or choose not to do it. As far as we know, there was no hard and fast rule in India that cricket gambling is wrong, no one was severely prosecuted for the same.

The Hunt for the best online betting sites in India is finally over

The best online betting sites in India do not depend on the colors and layouts the website makers used for creating the sense of elegance in their home pages. It completely depends on factors that would ultimately determine the course of betting and the punter experience. Here are a few things that can determine if a site is the best online betting sites in India or not.

  • Market, odds, Betting selections

    When the game is highly appreciated and watched in a particular region, you can say that the market for betting on that game is good in that place. Indians are huge fans of cricket and see their cricket players as idols and even Gods in some regions. His clearly hows how good a market it is to invest in the cricket betting area.
    Market, odds, Betting selections - Parimatch
    On the other hand, odds are numerical representations, usually given as ratios or percentages that give a slight insight as to who can win the game. People can see the odds and make the betting choices to earn rewards. These statistics are not sure shot answers that will definitely give you the accurate winning information. They are only predictions that you’ll use to make your predictions. All the different betting styles/formats/selections will have specific odds displayed.

    Always try to understand the market of the game as this would mean you’d be earning more (more people betting) and odds will increase your chances of winning (Always study them). 

  • Safety and Security

    You are compromising your personal information while you are registering yourself with any betting site. When you initially open an account on a cricket betting site, you’d be entering personal information along with data related to payment gateway. Remember that the world wide web is a very vulnerable place and people can easily hack your data and use it for sinister purposes.
    Safety and Security - 22betSo, always try to find a site that pays good attention to online threats and provides the best safety and security for your accounts. Be it in the initial days or later when you earn your betting rewards, your money has to be safe and the password protection and KYC should be top-notch. Onlinecricket,bet has special software in place to only let the owner of the account log into it and no one else. We also do not save any data of our customer son backend data bases.

  • Betting Offers and Promotions

    Betting offers are complementary and give punters kickoff benefits when they first register with a site or even during the course of the betting process. These can be initial deposit bonuses or weekly bonuses. They can also be bonus gifts where they buy you and your better half tickets to Greece or they can even give you lucrative gadgets, jewelry or house-hold items. The possibilities are innumerable and definitely tempting. However, the players will have to see which reward most impresses them.
    Betting Offers and Promotions - 10CRIC

    As a caution, remember that certain sites lure you into their traps by announcing betting offers and promotions. They initially take money from you and disappear out of the globe. So, be very careful while registering with unknown sites.

  • Banking

    The best online betting sites in India will have the best banking options as this is the most important aspect of betting or gambling on any website. If there are no suitable options for punters for making their first deposit and subsequently withdrawing the rewards from them, the whole point of betting is clearly washed out.
    Banking & Deposits - Parimatch
    That is why, offers convenient options to Indians so that they can easily make the initial deposit, subsequent deposits and also quickly withdraw their earnings. In general, the deposit is instant in most of the cricket betting sites and the withdrawal money would reflect in the bank accounts in 1 hour to 72 hours, depending upon the payment gateway that you’ve chosen to receive the funds.

    The most common banking options are – Google Pay, PhonePe, PayTM, Visa, Mastercards, Amex, Net Banking, Neteller, Skrill and Cryptocurrency.

  • Customer Support

    There are instances where issues arise from the website’s side or you are simply not understanding how to proceed with certain aspects. This is something you’d need assistance with. We say that the customer support are the best people to help you with anything. These are trained technical personnels who are aware of everything on the website, including the course of the betting process.
    Customer support - Betway
    They will be the best ones to give you answers. And you must have easy access to them. If a website doesn’t have customer support numbers, chats or even an email that lets you register complaints/queries, please do not opt for such sites. has a dedicated customer support team that tries to resolve your issues and queries in the least time possible.

  • Software and Navigation

    The software and navigation through a cricket betting site should be comprehensible. Not everyone who turns up on the cricket betting site is going to be a software engineer who knows everything about the design and layout of the website. Also, it is a wise option for sites as well to keep an easy interface that anyone who lands up on their page can understand.
    Software and Navigation - BetWayIf you are new to online betting, try to find a website that has everything ready for you. In other words, they should have an easy process for registration, depositing funds, placing the bets, clear display of the odds and good methods to do the needed for withdrawal later. Also, the prompts and needed guidance should be available through FAQs or Chat bots.

Begin with Online Cricket betting in India

All the beginners are unanimously curious about how to get started with Online Betting in India. We don’t blame you because the whole concept is fascinating and when you are making earnings while enjoying your favorite game, who would not want to do that. Here’s how you can begin and the important steps that you need to pay attention to.

1. Find the betting site for you

thing is to see what the website offers and if it is what you are looking for. Some of them offer deposit bonuses that will reflect in your gaming account and you can use them for subsequent betting. There are free bets, rewards and even ezra cashback offers. Also, would you like a lesser crowd and smaller bets, the wagering requirements and the type of bookie that you prefer. After you decide on all these choices and maybe more, try to find the website that offers everything you want. Or from the options you have, see the one that best fits your demands and go with it. Spend enough time to narrow down the best fit for you.

2. Register to make your account

The next step would be to register with the website to make your account with them. If you have made a facebook account or an email account in the past, this will be no different from that. You will be entering details related to your name, age, address and then submit identity proof so that the website can complete KYC and secure your account. And then, you’ll be asked to enter details regarding deposit means. Do these and proceed.

3. Make the first deposit

The first deposit is always precious because it will bring back more bonuses and offers with it. Almost 90% of websites in India offer joining or deposit offers to their betting enthusiasts. But they have limits in place. This would imply that you need to deposit sufficient funds, more than a fixed minimum limit. And when you do that, the offers would activate and you’ll win rewards accordingly. Also, choose the right payment method so that the amount is not stuck or the transactions happen swiftly. This will reduce a lot of mental tension later in the game and you’ll be able to make the monetary transactions with ease.

4. Look at the different cricket betting formats

WHat are formats? These are the types of betting options available for the players. There are different aspects of a cricket match that a player can bet on. And not all websites are going to allow all these betting styles. So, if you want to bet on the best batsman of the match, check if the website is allowing this format of betting. Some websites allow smaller bets for boundaries, individual scores, wickets and runs in an over before taking a larger chunk for betting on the ultimate winner. Some sites only allow bets for the final winner. So, look out for what the websites here are offering and make the choices accordingly.

5. Study the Odds

Though we have already taken the name of ‘odds’ before, here we intend to explain it much better. Let us say that there is a match between Australia and India and the betting odds have been displayed as 55/50. This means that Australia has 55 percent chances of winning and India only 50. So, the person who bets INR 1000 on Aus winning would ultimately draw 1055 when Aus really wins. If India wins, he’d lose everything. And this is vice versa for India as well. So, odds will give you a rough idea as to who might win based upon the events of the game and also the strengths of the playing eleven. Always go with websites that display odds because these are the best options out there that increase your chances of winning.

6. Place the Bets

Once you made your account, deposited the money and understood the odds, place your bets. You don’t have to go extravagant in the beginning and place huge chunks of money on a course of the game that you hardly understand. Go very slow. Keep the magnitude of your amount small in the initial days. Once you get the hang of it, deposit more money and the returns will be equally impressive. Sometimes, you can even place multiple bets at a time. If you are playing with limited funds, remember to not place all your eggs in one basket. Smart playing is smart winning.

7. Await the verdict

Mark our words – once. Twice, thrice or even more ! Patience is very important. You have to wait till the game ends because the tables can turn at the last moment. Cricket is the most unpredictable game and history has proved the same several times. You’ll be expecting that certain team would be winning and boom! They are walking out of the stadium with slumped faces. So, even if you think you are going to lose your money, do not quit or discontinue the betting thread – this way you’d be definitely losing the money. Stay hooked till the last moment.

8. Withdraw Earnings

This is the best part!! After the nail-biting tension and the uncertain atmosphere, you finally won the bet! Your amount will reflect in your website account immediately or after the bookie completes the celebrations and calls it a day. You can immediately withdraw this amount if you meet the wagering requirement. Once that is done, depending upon the type of payment gateway that you opted for, you’ll see this amount in your bank account within 1 to 3 days.

The Most Popular Betting Offers for Online Betting for You

Betting offers are the best tools or methods that cricket betting websites use to attract potential betters. There are so many options in the market, punters are not short of doors that they can knock on. That is why betting offers for online betting are extremely important for the bookmakers as well as betting enthusiasts. Here’s what you can look out for.

Free Bet Welcome Offers

These are the most preferred betting offers for online betting for players as they help them to continue the betting thread without paying money or if they are trying to learn or test the waters before completely depositing money with the website. The free bets will allow punters to place their bets without charging pennies for it and sometimes they aso wave off the predetermined wagering requirements until the free bets are in place. After that, everything runs according to the website’s cycle.

First Deposit Welcome Offer

Welcome offers are very common and almost 95% of the Indian cricket betting websites offer the welcome offer bonuses when you make the first deposit. These are usually additional rewards that would be deposited in your betting account and you can use the same amount to meet the wagering requirement and continue the betting. For instance, some sites offer a INR 20,000 cash bonus along with INR 1000 Free bets. See, how is that an advantage? Also, do not forget to see the wagering requirements. Sometimes, sites give you an INR 20,000 bonus and increase wagering requirements by 4 times.

Cashback Bonus

These can be weekly events or simply the bonuses you receive when you are dwelling in losses. When betting is concerned, some days you will be earning a lot and other days, the drastic losses are depressing. The cash back bonuses are where 5-10% of your losses are returned back to you as a friendly deposit in your account. This might not be huge but it is still better than losing everything. Weekly cashbacks usually don’t associate with losses. Irrespective of the wins or losses, the cashback would reflect in your account.

Weekly Reload Bonus

This is the route that the cricket betting sites would take to bring back the players who have not been placing bets and stayed dormant for a long time. The reload bonus is a concept where a portion of your deposit is returned back as bonus. This can be a weekly event as well. The websites try to keep their evangelists hooked to their site. So, they give a portion of the deposit back as a bonus – something that they’d do on a specific day of each week.

Welcome Offer – When and Why to Embrace it?

  • Step 1: Open the website that you want to test or understand.
  • Step 2: Register yourself with the website – give them the needed personal information, complete KYC and beware! Do not make any initial payments without completing KYC or studying the interface. There can be scams.
  • Step 3: Then you will be asked to enter your deposit details. Choose the payment gateway from their options and go with the one that you are most comfortable with.
  • Step 4: After the initial deposit, you’ll see that a welcome bonus, free bets or any other betting promotional rewards will reflect on your account immediately.
  • Step 5: Enter the website and the betting arena. Settle on the betting format that you want to bet in and study the odds accordingly.
  • Step 6: After you win something, understand how the withdrawal process works. See the available payment gateways and observe how much time it takes for winnings to reflect.

You will be able to get a rough idea about the website after you complete these steps. An honest suggestion would be to only make small bets and deposit smaller funds in the beginning because we are only testing the waters here.

We bring you the Best betting sites for cricket 2023

There is no rocket science here! The Best betting site for cricket 2023 is going to be the one that has the best perks, the decent betting formats and gives benefits to its punters. Whichever manages to steal your heart with what it offers will win the chase. We have certain sites listed here and the features/benefits that they offer.

Cricket betting sites in Indian Rupees

Though these sites may be stationed in foregn lands and the Bookies are not even Indians, they allow Indian players to make payments, deposits or even withdraw funds in the Indian currency. Owing to the increasing popularity for Cricket betting in the Indian market, there is no shortage of these sites. Some of them are:

  • Betway
  • Sapphirebet
  • 10CRIC (Indians Only)
  • Fun88
  • Parimatch

Best cricket betting sites with welcome bonus

Welcome bonuses are the extra cash deposits that the site gives betting enthusiasts as a compliment for choosing their interface. These can be pretty lucrative and helpful for beginners. Keeping the wagering requirements in mind and the amount that is being given as the welcome bonus, we have some good options for you.

  • 10CRIC – 150% welcome bonus, upto INR 32,000. Free bets worth INR 500.
  • Fun88 – offers 150% Welcome bonus – usually upto INR 10,000
  • 22Bet India – offers a INR 10,000 welcome bonus
  • Sapphirebet – Bonus upto INR8700
  • 1Win – 500% welcome bonus

Betting sites with best cricket betting odds

The bettings odds give a clear cut idea and a slight insight into how the game will take shape. Based on hat prediction, you can place your bets and most often than not, the verdict comes in the punter’s favor. The Best betting site for cricket 2023 are those that can give reliable odds, the most accurate predictions that will lead the player properly. Here are such sites

  • Betway
  • 10CRIC
  • Casumo Sport (the newest addition but definitely worth the try)
  • Dafabet
  • Parimatch

Betting sites with best cricket betting options

It is going to get really boring when you are only going to bet on the last winner of a series. How about we try to indulge in small bets in between as well? There are sites that offer such options where you can make match bets, toss bets, proportional bets, batsman bets and even individual score bets. Here are the noted ones:

  1. Dafabet
  2. Betway
  3. 1XBET
  4. Fun88
  5.  10CRIC

Each of these sites offers a wide range of cricket betting markets, exclusive welcome bonuses, multiple betting options, and excellent customer support among other benefits.

International cricket betting sites that accept Indian players

Usually the bookies who are guiding the betting in India have their headquarters in foreign lands. That is why the Indian jurisdiction cannot extend there. The Foreign bookies understand the huge market that cricket betting has in India – be it offline or online. These are the international betting sites that accept Indian players and happily welcome them.

  • 1xBet – Headquarters at Cyprus
  • ComeOn – a recent entry to the Indian Market
  • Betway – It is a Malta-based betting site
  • Dafabet – a Philippine based Indian Cricket Gambling website
  • Parimatch – an European betting site

Live cricket betting sites

Usually the bets are made before the game begins and the wait for the verdict begins. The bookies do not allow further bets during the match. However, these are betting sites that allow bets when the game is going on – live. The match can have certain aspects like the boundaries in an over, wickets in an over or more, that you can bet on. The live cricket betting sites will give these options. Some of them are:

  • Purewin
  • Parimatch
  • Dafabet
  • Betway
  • 10CRIC

Betting sites with live streaming

This happens to be Indians’ personal favorite. The online betting sites not only collect the bets from the people, the website also shows live streaming of the match so that you can see for yourself how the odds are in your favor or not. The whole ambience is like that of a stadium with your money at stake and a whole bunch of adrenaline rush to keep you going.

  • Betway
  • Bet365
  • Parimatch
  • 1xBet
  • 10CRIC

Suitable Deposit Methods For Online Betting In India

The deposit methods are very important because these will determine how you are going to deposit the initial funds to begin the betting and also how you’d withdraw the rewards that you’ve earned. Here are the best deposit methods for online betting in India ranked according to popularity.

  • UPI – Google Pay, PhonePe, PayTM, BHIM UPI
    These UPI apps have been a raging boom for a few years for all the right reasons. You initially associate your bank account/accounts with the UPI app and then you can release payments easily within seconds. The transaction happens within seconds and the accounts are usually guarded by tri-locks – face,pin and fingerprint. Google Pay, also called Tez, Phonepe, Paytm are following the same pattern. BHIM UPI is a national payments corporation made app that follows the same route.
  • NetBanking. The normal way to send money to your family or friends used to be quite tedious and exhausting. People used to go to banks, take cheques along, contact the clerk, deposit and they’d initiate the transfer, the money would be shifted from one bank branch to the other one. It takes days for this to happen. Now, everything has been made virtual and that’s why this is the most preferred and safe route for betting enthusiasts.
  • IMPS. Immediate Payment Service is similar to net banking and the name itself says what it does. On entering details related to the bank account of the recipient, the transaction of the amount (that falls in the limit), is immediately initiated and the money is transferred.
  • Mastercard. Mastercrd offers transactional cards in the form of debit or credit cards that can be used to make online purchases or in our case, online transactions where the money will be transferred from sender to receiver’s account after a one time password is entered. It is a safe and very handy route.
  • Visa. Visa is the best tool for electronic payment online. The cricket betting websites mostly accept Visa because the rate of transactions is fast and 99% of the time, it is a successful transfer between the banks. The amount also reflects almost immediately.
  • Neteller. This is an e-wallet that holds funds virtually and the transfer is initiated almost immediately. It is also known for safeguarding the personal information of the people who hold accounts with it and most importantly, no confidential transactional details are shared with recipients.
  • Astropay. Astropay cards are prepaid cards that allow a wide range of currency transactions – both in native and foreign currency. The Indian currency is widely used in purchasing and top-up of the astropay cards and the same is used while making deposit in online cricket betting sites.
  • Skrill. We can confidently say that Skrill is an internationally accepted mode of payment, especially in gambling sites. It is a very good deposit methods for online betting in India. There is assured security for transactions and the data is always safe. It is an e-wallet that is similar to Neteller or the Indian UPI. However, it is a tad bit more safe.
  • EazyPay. ICICI Bank’s Eazypay is a payment method that is similar to the prepaid pattern that Astropay cards use. However, here, you’ll be able to make periodic payments or automatic short payments are released subsequently. This is useful when you want to make consequent deposits to further place the bets.
  • EcoPayz. EcoPayz is mostly useful when the site is accepting payment in INR but the currency would be ultimately converted into the foreign currency that the website functions in. This is very convenient for the hosting bookies and that’s why you’ll find it almost on every site.
  • Rupay. Rupay cards allow national and international transactions. These are usually debit or credit cards linked to the co-branded banks and the amount from the accounts are directly transferred where Rupay just acts as a mode of payment.
  • Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has not gained the popularity that it holds in the foreign countries. Indians are relatively new to the concept and the payment method will take some time to flourish. However, the gambling and betting websites do accept – bitcoin, dogecoin, ethereum, Tether, USD coin and more.

How to withdraw money from a betting site in India? – Answered ?

If you don’t know How to withdraw money from a betting site in India , what is the point of bagging those wins? You will be completing the wagering requirements, money would show in your gaming account but you’ll not be able to enjoy the benefits that you’ve earned with your hard work. WIthout any further adieu, let us see how you can withdraw your ‘luck earned money’.

  • Step 1: Go to the small silhouette icon or a three lined horizontal icon on top/bottom of the page. (Differs from site to site – usually on top)
  • Step 2: Select the ‘Withdraw/withdrawal’ option.
  • Step 3: After you choose the option, you will be prompted to choose the payment gateway through which you want to receive the money – UPI, Wallets, Net Banking, Netelller, Skrill or more.
  • Step 4: Choose the mode and you will get thorough instructions that you need to follow according to the payment gateway you chose.
  • Step 5: Once the process is complete, you will receive a dialogue box or a prompt that the transaction has been initiated.

Note that depending upon the site, you can receive your funds within 3 days or sometimes, 5 days as well.

The Noteworthy Online Cricket Betting Formats

  • The Winner of the Match. Be it a single match or a single match that is a part of the entire series, the bet you make to predict which team would ultimately win the game is called as the winner of the match. This can be a fair bet you are making in any cricket format, irrespective of qualifiers, semi finals or the finale. This is one of the most famous online cricket betting formats as well.
  • The Winner of the Toss. The captains would come to the field along with the empire to throw the coin up in the air to decide or let someone decide if they’d bat or ball first. That’s how a toss is defined. When the punter bets on who would win this toss, it is called as the winner of the toss. 
  • Best Batsman. Of course, all the players would be giving their best to make their home team make the run for the trophy. However, three would be one batsman who shows exemplary performance. The bet you’ll place on the batsman who can ultimately prove to be the best is called the ‘Best Batsman’ betting format. 
  • Best Player. The best player need not belong to the winning team. In the overall match, the bet you place on to decide the best player is what this format is all about. Most often than not, the best player is from the winning team and corresponds with the Man of the match.
  • Best Individual Score. The bet is placed on the best individual player irrespective of who is winning the game or the ultimate odds for the win. In this wager, the batsman who scores the highest centuries or the best score of the match are also taken for consideration during betting. 
  • Handicap. This is fairly easy to understand when you get the gist of it. When the odds were predicted to be different and the game course takes a surprising turn, the handicap betting will prove to be a breath of fresh air. To understand better, consider that West Indies and India are playing a match together with the odds of 2 / 5. However, West Indies scored a 320. You can place a handicap of about -20.5 or more, which is an estimated target for India to win. This will help the odds still slightly incline in your favor. 
  • Total. You will be betting on the total score that a team can make during the match. The punters will give a rough estimate that a specific team can reach upto a marginal score and if that is close or even same as the actual score, they take the money home. 

Leagues for Online Cricket Betting in India

  • Indian Premier League (IPL). A summer favourite in which Indian players are spread across state franchises and compete against each other, representing different states in India. Usually, the fandom is less about the home states and more about the players leading the team. Other foreign players are also accepted after team owners bid for their presence in the 11-player squad. In order to understand how to win you better watch how to bet IPL Betting. There are also many IPL betting apps available. 
  • ICC World Cup (ICC CWC). This international league has a T20 format where the teams are trying to score the highest runs in 20 overs. The International Cricket Committee is the organizing body and regulates the rules and norms of the series. Moreover, the game has the qualification and Tournament phases where all countries need to clear the qualifying matches and the ones that clear would enter the arena for tournaments that decide the trophy winner. 
  • World T20. This is a men’s international T20 championship that has 16 teams competing against each other and remains to be the most loved biennial event. 6 teams would come from the T20 world cup qualifier while the other 10 teams would be selected from he chart rankings. The current champions are West Indies. 
  • ICC Champions Trophy (ICC). Owing to COVID, we missed out on the ICC Champions Trophy in the previous year – 2021. The ICC champions trophy is an ODI format tournament that is again regulated by the International Cricket Council and is seen as a prestigious win for nations that compete in it. If you haven’t already known, the popularity of the series has extended its life from 2013 to 2017 (was supposed to be discontinued in 2013). 
  • The Ashes Series (The Ashes). Everyone must be aware of ‘The Legend of The Ashes’ that saw the face of earth during 1882. Only England and Australia compete in this series and the first match happened in Melbourne, Australia in the year 1877. Seeing how England has pretty much popularized the game and Australia is a relatively new addition, the game is seen as a tug of war between the two nations. 
  • Big Bash League (BBL). Owing to the promotional reasons, this was previously called the KFC Big Bash League. It is a native Australian series in which the Aussie players are teamed against each other with a few international additions to the team. It is usually played during the Australian summer months of December, February and January. About 5 matches takes place in a double round robin format between the teams. 
  • England NatWest T20 Blast League (Natwest). Seeing how England were the first ones to popularize Cricket, it is only fair that they have their own T20 format native cricket series. That is what NatWet is all about. In T20 Blast, The English and Weish first class counties compete against each other with a commercial backdrop to draw billions of profits as well as audiences who stay hooked to the screen. 
  • Cricket South Africa T20 Challenge (CSA). This SOuth African Native T20 tournament sees the South African players competing against each other on the native grounds. The game also has players from other nations who were bought by the franchise owners after bidding. The game was recently renamed as RamSlam T20 tournament. The Indian crowd shows eager interest in placing bets on this 20 over challenge. 
  • Pakistan Super League (PSL). If the Indians cannot take their eyes off the screen when it is an India and Pakistan match, how do you think they’ll not show interest in Pakistan’s own IPL version? There were about seven seasons on PBL where the teams would compete in a double round robin format and settle with the qualifying teams that will compete for the trophy. 
  • Caribbean Premier League (CPL). Caribbean islands are not just known for Jack SParrow playing the pirate but also the beautiful carnivals that they host for the people. During the carnival season, you’ll also witness the Caribbean Premier League where the native players are distributed in teams that compete against each other, exactly similar to India’s IPL. Six teams will compete in the group stage followed by a knockout stage and ultimate finale to decide the winner. 
  • Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). Bangladesh also has its own premier cricket league with seven different franchises with local players.These would compete against each other where each team would okay the other teams at least twice before qualifying and coming to the final knockout. 

Cricket Tournaments that Indians Can Proactively Bet On

These are some cricket tournaments that Indians love to bet on.

  • AUS vs IND. Australia and India matches are very interesting because of the evident competitive nature between the players and the air of excitement surrounding it. The ICC T20 tournament, ODI Tournaments or Test series – these are a few series that the two nations compete in. The players are so good that it gets really unpredictable to place bets after a point of time. The biggest example for this is the recent ODI match between the two countries where the odds shifted towards India when everyone least expected it. 
  • Super Smash. When the IPL season starts in the country, you must have seen how Indians go gala over Kane williamson and other Newzealand players! That is why, Super Smarsh, a NewZealand native T20 tournament is also famous for betting in India, It includes a double round robin where each team competes against the other teams at least two times, followed by the elimination finale to decide the last two teams for the win. 
  • ICC Cricket World Cup. ICC Cricket World cup involves players from different Cricket playing nations. The Tournament as a whole is taken as a format for betting. The winning team – the trophy holder is the one on whom the bets will be placed. Unlike what we have discussed previously, the individual aspects are ignored and a larger sum is bet on the ultimate winning team. 
  • T20 World cup. The tournament betting version of the T20 World cup would see the punters betting on the final winner who would bag the trophy, ignoring all other formats that we had bet on during the league. Here, the knockout phase and the group stage are common where each team would complete their minimum two games with respective competitive teams and finally narrow down for qualifying semi finals and subsequently the finals. 
  • Asia Cup/ This game was initially designed to create good will and cordial relationships between the Asian countries that show keen interest in Cricket. Sports have always been competitive, and extremely fun for establishing good connections. It is a one day tournament with a T20 format where all the Asian teams would participate to put up a good show. 
  • Commonwealth Bank series. The commonwealth bank series can be predominantly called an Australian ODI series where they compete with two other touring countries for a common trophy/ It has a triangular round robin style pattern where Australia would compete with the two other teams at least twice and vice versa. The tri-series has an ODI format and 10 nations are part of this association – including India. In fact, it is interesting to know that the first cricket tournament match was between Aus and Ind which was ruled out due to heavy rain.