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Betting On Cricket: An Exclusive Cricket Betting Guide

Cricket is one of the famous sports that offer you the opportunity to earn cash through betting. The sport originated in England in the 18th century and has spread all over the world. However, it may not be easy to earn money wagering on the sport if you are not guided properly. Remember, every sport has its unique terms, rules, cricket betting markets, regulations, betting strategies, and much more. Therefore, it would be ideal to first go through the betting basics before you can venture into real money wagering.

Excitingly, we have the information you need. That is why we have created this unique guide to help you with the basics of cricket betting. Knowing how to bet on cricket and win is the first thing that should come to your mind when you intend to make profits on cricket events.

In this guide, you will go through every aspect of cricket betting. So, please pay attention to each of the subsections because they carry crucial information to help you on how to bet on cricket. Moreover, you may need to practice betting with small amounts as you learn the ropes of cricket betting. Once you are familiar with the sport and its betting strategy, you can now graduate to Placing higher bets to win huge amounts of money. Notably, the high wins come with high risks. This is because you may still lose the bets you have placed.

How to Bet on Cricket and actually win

I bet this is exactly what you would want to experience: winning, winning, and winning. If this is the case, kindly read this article paying attention to the most crucial details of cricket betting. We will begin by helping you select the right cricket betting platform for you.

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Selecting the right Cricket Betting Site

Cricket betting sites are available for you to make a choice. The sites are not the same in terms of payouts, betting markets, security, and many other crucial factors. Happily, we have gathered the aspects you need to factor in during your cricket betting site selection.

Mobile Site or Mobile App

You should check if the platform has a mobile version dedicated to mobile device users. Ideally, it will be easy for you to use your smartphone or iPhone to bet on cricket events. Also, due to the portability of the device, you can even bet while traveling or hanging out with friends. Thus, having a mobile version of the betting website should be a factor of consideration in your selection process.

On top of that, it should, At least, have a mobile app. The mobile apps make it easy to receive instant notifications of the cricket matches and much more. Besides, the app will be easy to use as it is installed on your phone. Another great perk of apps is that they use less data while browsing across the cricket betting markets.

Cricket betting markets

The platform you opt for should have a variety of betting markets because you already know how to bet on cricket. Luckily, cricket offers tons of betting markets, and most of the betting sites have them on their betting sheets. However, you have to be keen because some sites may not offer live betting options.


Reputation is one of the top aspects to consider when finding the best cricket betting site. The right platform that offers great betting services will have a good reputation. On the contrary, the sites with mediocre services will have a bad reputation. Therefore, if an online cricket betting site has a good reputation, it means that they have been serving its users excellently.

However, bad-reputed sites do not offer any good betting services. Always go for cricket wagering platforms that have a good reputation. And try as much as you can to stay away from betting sites with poor reputations. If other bettors had a bad experience while using a certain site, you are likely to have the worst experience. Thus, just go for the right picks.

Payment options

You will have to add money to the account you create on the well-reputed betting site. Thus, you have to consider platforms with several options for uploading funds. For example, you can choose the cricket betting platforms that accept bank transfers, major cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies.

Many cricket betting platforms have payment channels that are safe and secure. The sites employ advanced security measures such as SSL encryption to make sure the transactions are safe. Also, do not forget about the aspect of instant deposits and fast withdrawals. Check out the available options and research their speed of depositing and withdrawal to ascertain that they are the right ones for you.


You should choose a cricket betting platform that has a genuine online gambling license from the authorities. Check out the certification at the footer of the homepage. You will be able to see the license number and much more. Besides, you can still check out the partnerships of the site to ensure it supports responsible gambling.

Customer Service

Betting sites are not always rosy, especially when betting. You may experience hurdles when uploading funds, placing the bets, claiming bonuses, or even registering on the site. That is why it is important to look for a platform with various customer service communication channels. For example, the site you intend to register with should have a phone number, email, and live chat.

You can reach out to a team of experts that handles customer questions easily. Besides, you can get help when your withdrawal or deposits do not seem to be working. You can try to contact them using the available email or phone number to see how responsive they are.

Promotional Offers

Cricket wagering sites offer bonuses and promos to help you cricket bet more. Check out the offers available at every site during the selection process. For example, the site should have a welcome offer that you can claim after making your first deposit. Using the welcome bonus, you can try out some betting markets or even cricket bet on the ones you are familiar with so that you can make profits. However, note that the offers have strict terms and conditions that you have to adhere to. Thus, it is recommended that you read the fine print of the offer before you can even activate it.

Cricket live play

Many sites offer live cricket match streaming. This means you can bet on cricket events and still watch the real action right on your chosen site. Thus, kindly check out if the platform has a live stream feature for the cricket matches.

The Best Cricket Betting Sites

As stated earlier, there are tons of betting platforms out there. Thus, it can be quite hard to find the right one. However, with the help of the above selection criteria, you can make your choice and never regret it. Thus, ensure you have adhered to the criteria to find the best site. Moreover, we have selected a few sites for you. We believe these sites fulfill the above selection criteria with 100% success.



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Cricket Betting: Top Events to Bet On

Many sports have various events that punters bet on cricket. Similarly, cricket has many events where you can place your bets and win if you have a cricket betting strategy. The events happen every year, and some are seasonal. Thus, you can bet on cricket on various occasions of the year. The only thing you need to do is to understand the format of the cricket match and the various online betting markets. However, it would be best if you utilized a crickets betting strategy to help you earn more.

Indian Premier League Cricket – T20

The Indian Premier League is a great opportunity for cricket bettors. The league has eight teams that hail from the cities of India. It also has a 14-game schedule that happens in March and May every year, and it is played in a T20 format. In this format, there are two innings, each with a maximum of 20 overs.

In this event, you can bet on cricket wagering markets. Indeed, you can make a lot of money if you do your research properly and ensure you place good cricket bet amounts. However, it is advisable to research before you can choose the bets. Each team has a history that can help you determine the outcomes. Also, check out the present players to get an idea of what to expect and use a cricket betting strategy. Besides, the weather can play a role in the outcomes. Thus, it is a factor to consider in your betting selection.

One Day Internationals

The One Day Internationals is also called the ODI. This is an event in which the best cricketing countries involve in great matches. It involves two innings, and each of the sides bats once. However, the ODI format has more than 20 overs, and the games can go on for as long as eight hours.

Test Match Cricket

Test Cricket is one of the best forms of the game that you will probably like. Test match cricket dates back to the 19th century. It has 4 innings and tons of overs. Both cricket sides bat twice in every match and involve alternate fielding. Moreover, it consists of 90 overs per day, and it can continue until the batting side gets bowled out.

The Popular Cricket Bets

Cricket offers various betting options for punters. Thus, you are not tied to just a single outcome in cricket wagering. You can explore some major bets and even additional betting options offered by the site. This section covers the available cricket bets. Please pay attention to each of the popular cricket bets to learn what they are and why they are the right bet for you.

  • Match Betting- Match betting is simple, and it is one of the most popular bets in the cricket betting realm. It has three choices for you to bet on cricket.

In this bet, you can bet on:

  • Home team winning the match
  • Home team losing the match
  • Or the teams ending up in a draw or tie.

Therefore, this is a great bet for the cricket betting newbies since they may not have a cricket betting strategy. This is because it has very easy choices that may not require intensive research or knowledge about the game. Even punters without any cricket knowledge can bet on the match winner and win if the outcome favors their predictions.

  • Completed Match- This is yet another easy bet that you can choose in cricket events. In fact, it is a great choice for anyone who knows nothing about sports. Moreover, it is a perfect choice for punters who are new to cricket betting. However, note that this bet is only available at the One Day Internationals. You can place your bet on cricket expected outcome upon cricket match completion. You will be required to state whether the tournament will be completed on a certain day or not. You can even rely on the weather forecast to choose your bet.
  • Tied Match- A tied match bet is very famous in the cricket wagering realm. Also, it is one of the simplest bets you can ever find in the cricket betting markets. It is a straightforward bet since you will just bet on if the cricket match will end in a tie or a draw or not. Therefore, it is a great bet for people that are not familiar with cricket betting.
  • Innings Runs- Innings Runs is a great option to make money while betting on cricket matches. This bet works perfectly for you when you can predict the number of runs involved in a particular innings. Therefore, if you can make that prediction and win, you can really make a lot of money from your betting ventures.
  • Top Bowler- There are many bowlers who are famous for their talents or even exceptional bowling skills. If you are a fan of them, you probably know most of them. Therefore, it will not be difficult for you to bet on the top bowler in the cricket match. Usually, you are only expected to predict the name of the bowler you think will emerge at the top. Ideally, the top bowler is the one who makes the highest number of wickets during the match, series, or a particular championship.
  • Top Batsman- In this bet, you will be required to name the batsman who will emerge at the top. We have so many of them on the cricket team, but you can always make your prediction right depending on the previous performances. This bet has markets such as the Top Home Batsman, Top Away Batsman, Top Series Batsman, and the Match Top Batsman.
  • Team of Top Batsman- If you do not feel like predicting the particular top batsman, you can state the team from which he will emerge. This one is quite simple, and you can just predict after researching each team’s top batsmen in the previous matches, series, or even championships.
  • Bowler Match Bets- This bet is about two players in the match. The bowling players can be on the same cricket team, and you will predict the one who will emerge with the most wickets. Also, this is an easy bet that you can make, but it may require a bit of cricket knowledge and research.
  • Batsman Match Bets- This bet involves two players in the match. The players can be from the same team, and you can choose the one who will manage the highest number of runs or have the most sixes. It may need research on each player’s previous performances or statistics to help you get it right.
  • Tournament Outright WinnerIn this bet, you may need a lot of research because it is not an easy one. You will bet on the winner of the tournament. Therefore, it is not a matter of one match or two. You have to research the team that can emerge victorious in the entire championship. In most cases, this bet is ideal in ICC, Cricket World Cup, etc.
  • Series WinnerThis unique bet is for a championship that involves 3 to 5 games. If you correctly predict the side that wins the best of five, you will win. It will require some knowledge about cricket and research on previous match winner, match or championship.
  • Over/Under Score- The over or under bet involves the total runs that the teams will score. The sportsbook will have great betting odds for the over or under.
  • Series Score- This bet involves the total series score of the cricket tournament. It would be best if you aimed to be closest to the score so that you could win.
  • Method of Dismissal- If you predict the manner in which the batsman will get dismissed, you will be a winner of the bet.
  • Win Toss- You can predict the team that will win the toss.
  • Toss Combination- You can bet on the team that will win the toss and if the team will select bowling or batting.
  • Odd/Even Runs- You can state if the runs scored will be even or odd.
  • Most Run Outs- You can say which of the cricket teams will emerge with the most RUN Outs.
  • Man of the Match/Player of the Series- You can say who, among the many players, will emerge as the Man of the Match, Series, Tournament, etc.

Cricket betting tips

Using these tips, you can win cash in cricket betting. But first, you have to know how to bet on cricket. Thus, it would be best if you understood the info covered above. These are the tips you can employ in cricket betting:

  1. Learn how to bet on cricket, the various cricket betting markets, and the right betting strategy, and understand each of them well.
  2. Understand how cricket betting works and all the cricket terminologies.
  3. Consider the weather during the cricket match day.
  4. Perform research on each team and review the betting odds.
  5. Beware of the injuries and any other unusual occurrences during the match day.
  6. Consider the player’s past performances.
  7. Always select the right betting sites.
  8. Choose simple bets like match winner, completed match and tied match.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the cricket betting FAQs below on how to play cricket betting

Will I get bonuses in cricket betting?

Yes, the cricket betting sites offer great betting bonuses. For example, you can get a welcome bonus, cash backs, and some free bet offers that you can use for betting on the various cricket betting markets. However, the bonuses have terms that should be adhered to. Thus, make sure you read them.

How do I find the best cricket betting site?

It would be best if you considered factors such as good reputation, availability of betting bonuses, safety, security, payment methods available, betting markets available, cricket live stream, and responsiveness of the customer care team. If that site has a cricke betting mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, it is a huge plus for you as you bet on cricket online.

How to bet on cricket and win?

How to bet on cricket is easy if you already understand the basics and the available markets. Indeed, you can place your bets on the following markets: Top Batsman, Top Bowler, Coin Toss, First Ball, First Over, Innings Runs, Live Cricket Bets, Player and Team Totals, Match Winner, and much more.

Can I bet on live cricket?

Yes, you can try live sport cricket betting. Most sites offer various betting markets for live cricket games. Therefore, it is possible for you to bet on cricket, especially the next moves in a live cricket match. Also, you can still watch the live game on the app as you make your cricket online bets. Besides, the app offers instant feeds or notifications about the live bets you make.

Which is the best online betting site for cricket matches?

Betway is the top site for cricket online betting. The main benefits of using this cricket betting site include great bonuses, high levels of security, availability of cricket betting markets, secure payment options, and an app for iOS and Android devices. Besides, you can watch the matches right on the app as long as you are connected to stable internet.