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Our humble introductions…

A Big Hello from the Team of Cricket360!

Cricket is all about hard work, resilience and a great sense of sportsmanship – the attributes that we immensely believe in. It is a Gentleman’s game for a reason. That is why we love it! Our team at Cricket360 believes in dwelling in the depths to know everything about Cricket, the associated nuances and every possible outcome of the game. We learn from our experiences everyday and that’s what translates into your profits whenever you wager on Cricket360.

What are we here for?

Well, we can sum it up in one word – Entertainment! But that is not where it ends. You get ‘paid’ and ‘entertained’. Our team will bring the best of both worlds for you! At Cricket360, you will be able to place your bets on a cricket match and follow the game while you analyze your odds. We give you tips and insights about the betting world and also the outcomes of the game. Most often than not, our odds are reliable and helped several players earn hefty monetary prices.

We also help you with authentic betting strategies that will make a difference and support novices who are just stepping into the remarkable world of cricket betting.

We would like to reiterate that we don’t shy away from showing you the risks either. We at cricket360 love to walk you through the bits and corners of the betting world in the most fun and exhilarating way possible!

Our Mission and Vision

Cricket360 owes you a great gambling and betting experience. It is our responsibility to provide you the best ambience, platform and bookmakers for authentic and reliable betting online. We make it a point to choose only those dealers who hold necessary licenses from the respective countries (US Federal laws) and cleared by regulatory authorities for hosting online betting events (Malta Gaming Authority; AGCO).

We don’t want you to end up spending all your money on a fake website that offers nothing but disappointment in the end.

We also aim to spread knowledge about the right way of Cricket betting, responsible behavior and the tips and tricks to surpass the others during the betting event.

Safety and Security is of utmost importance for us as we keenly cross-check for foul practices, fake bookmakers and data privacy. We like to keep the whole atmosphere hassle-free so that your trust on us remains unwavered.

Editorial Pieces and Associated Policy

We recheck our editorial pieces at least 10 times before we bring it out in the open for you to refer. We only want to give the best and the most authentic information that will guide you on the right path of successful gambling.

We have a team of editors who swallow words for lunch and grammar for dinner! They know how to put out the message in the right way, such that every one of you can understand our sweet tweets and tips.

Most importantly, we have a hawk eye for filler content and unnecessary information. All you will receive are factually accurate articles, literary pieces and emails that have been rechecked and approved by industry experts who live and breathe cricket!

Our Advertising Norms

We embrace the right kind of revenue generating opportunities so that we can provide better services to you. Cricket360 is associated with a few advertising deals where the traffic that we draw to our website and affiliate links will give us some bucks. However, we do not compromise the safety and security of the players in any which way.

Our editorial pieces or the information that we provide are no way biased towards the brands that we are associated with. Our first and foremost priority will always remain to be our players and we will always promote responsible cricket betting that will prove to be an asset for us and the players alike.

How do we spot our Dealer Champs?

Dealers or Bookmakers are the most important part of Cricket gambling. Cricket360 hosts many of them and players have their personal favorites too! But we ensure that we thoroughly check and cross-check the Bookmakers to ensure that they meet all our safety, reliability, and efficiency criteria before giving them a ‘Go’ and suggesting them to you.

Here’s what we look for when we are finalizing the Bookmakers for cricket360. There is no reason for which we would provide an exception or cross out any of the below mentioned pointers.

1 – Ambience and Odds

The website must have the right ambience to generate interest in the players and also display authentic odds that will propel the game towards the win for the ones who place their trust on our platform.

2 – Safety and Reliability

We make it a point to ensure that the dealers are keeping all your information (Personal and payment details) highly confidential and no kind of backend data laundering is happening. We recheck the licenses of the dealers, any mention of ill practices in the past and most importantly their reputation in the cricket betting market.

3 – Ease of deposits and withdrawal

We ensure that the sign in and sign up options are easy-peasy so that you won’t be stressed out every time you try to bet. In the betting app, we try to keep the interface as close to the desktop version.

4 – Payment gateways

We only associate with dealers who offer reliable payment gateways that our Indian crowd can conveniently have access to.

5 – Free Bets and Bonuses

We re-evaluate the joining bonuses and free bets that the dealers are offering. In this symbiotic relationship, both the players and the dealers have to benefit from the bonuses and it should not be a one-way rise. We make sure that is not happening here.

6 – Reach of Customer Support

The customer service team is dedicated to ensure that the players queries are cleared in the least time possible. 24/7 support from Cricket360’s end and also the dealers’ end should be the plus point for everyone!

We make sure to check if the customer service team or whoever handles the technical glitches and customer complaints is available readily at your dispense. We also look for those bookmakers who communicate with us transparently so that we don’t have to wait to provide the best services to you. Cricket360 is all about quality and apt performance.

Want to Know More?

Cricket360 is all about giving you more and more and more… We never get tired of giving you everything in our power. In case you have any queries, complaints (we doubt it!), compliments or secret love messages for us, you can email us at support@cricket360.bet, or reach out to us through our other media platforms listed below. We would love to hear from you anytime – 24/7!