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The Best Cricket Betting Strategies That Actually Work

Cricket is arguably the best market to place cash bets on. This is due to the presence of a wide variety of cricket betting markets that the platform offers. Cricket matches have straight bets that include; match winner and outright winner.

There are also player bets for the top team batsman, top bowler and man of the match. The cricket matches also have team bets that include over, under, first innings score, win toss and the number of runs. There are also various in-play bets, such as runs to be made off first delivery and method of dismissal.

When making cash bets, players can make use of several variations of cricket betting strategy to improve their winning chances. The strategies can be applied in any market. Though the strategy may not necessarily guarantee a player of a win, they greatly increase their winning chances.

Nearly all online betting platforms offer payment methods that players can use to transact cash to the betting account. The payment methods provided facilitate deposits and withdrawals from the betting platform.

Below is a detailed listing of the ideal betting strategies that players can make use of to better their winning chances.

Best sites strategies for cricket

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Types Of Strategies Used In Cricket Betting

There exist two variations of cricket betting strategies that players can make use of when betting on cricket markets on various betting sites.

The first variation is the mathematical cricket betting strategies. These sports betting strategies are mostly dependent on picking the right odds on the betting site and making the right combinations. These strategies include the Martingale strategy, flat betting strategy, the ladder system strategy and the Danish cricket betting strategy.

The other strategy variation is the game-related strategy. These strategies are dependent on the ability to observe the trend in cricket matches and make the right prediction for future matches. Team batting average is also important. These strategies can be applied when betting on a test match.

However, these strategies require one to have a good understanding of the odds, combinations and betting lines for the available cricket matches. Players can make use of this information to place more accurate bets.

Dogon Betting Strategy

betting strategy

This is a mathematical variation of cricket betting strategy. When using this strategy, players increase their bet amount after every loss that they make. The strategy aims to recover the losses that a player makes when placing bets. This strategy involves the assumption that by increasing the bet amount after a loss, the player will eventually get a win and cover the losses made. This strategy is an example of a progressive cricket betting strategy.

This strategy is ideal for short-term use. When used repeatedly, the strategy may result in huge losses. To make the most out of this strategy, cricket fans and players are required to place bets on matches with high odds of 2,5 and 5,4. The high odds assure players of a high payout when they make the correct prediction.

Below is an example.

For instance, a player bets 200 INR on their first bet. After losing the bet, the player bets 300 INR on the next bet. The player loses the second bet and wagers 400 INR on the next bet with 2.0 odds. If the player wins the third bet, they get a payout of 800 INR and therefore recover the losses they had made initially.

The Oscar’s Grind Strategy

Oscar’s grind strategy is quite similar to the Dogon strategy. This strategy can be classified as a mathematical cricket betting strategy. When using Oscar’s grind strategy, players increase their bet amounts when they get a win in the bets. However, after a loss, players maintain the initial bet amount. This strategy involves classifying the bets into sittings and units. A sitting begins with a betting unit and comes to an end when the player has made a unit profit.

A good example is when a player wagers 200 INR on a cricket bet with an odd of 1.0. In this instance, the sitting comes to an end when the player makes a 200 INR profit in the bets.

In this strategy, the bet amount is increased by the initial amount after every win. If a player has placed a bet worth 100 INR, when they win a bet, the bet amount is increased to 200 INR.

The Ladder System Strategy

The ladder strategy is quite straightforward and easy to execute. This strategy is ideal for more seasoned players. In this strategy, players wager the whole amount that they win in a particular bet.

For example, if a player wins 500 INR in a bet, they place a bet valued at 500 INR in the next bet that they place. When using this strategy, it’s best to bet on matches with low odds and a specific number of bets per cycle. The most ideal is 3-5 bets every cycle. The more the bets, the higher the chances of losing when using the ladder system strategy.

The ladder system strategy is ideal for covering losses. However, if a player loses on one bet, they lose all the bet slip.

The Flat Betting Strategy

This is a variation of the mathematical cricket betting strategies. When using this strategy, players set a percentage of the bankroll, which they wager on every bet. There are four variations of the flat betting strategy that one can use to improve their winning chances.

  • Static flat bets – When using this strategy, players bet 1-2% of their bankroll in every bet.
  • Academic flat bets – This strategy involves placing bets of 3-5% of the bankroll on every bet placed.
  • Aggressive flat bets – The aggressive flat bets involve placing bets of 6-10% of the bankroll.
  • Chaotic flat bets – When using the chaotic flat bet strategy, players bet 10% and more of their bankroll.

The flat betting strategy is ideal for new players. The strategy is great for reducing the losses made during betting. It can also be applied by players making use of free bets.

The Percentage Of Bank Strategy

cricket strategy

This strategy is similar to the flat betting strategy. The strategy is ideal for new and inexperienced players. The strategy is a great way to reduce lost bet made during betting.

When using this strategy, the player establishes a percentage of the bankroll, which they will wager on all their bets. The player bets for each market are constant. Bankroll management is the best way to try out accumulator bet.

When betting on cricket matches, players can use the strategy on wickets taken, runs scored, odd/even runs, and top batsman and bowler match bets. Batting team players affect the losing streak of multiple bets and may lead to the loss of too much money.

The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is one of the most common betting strategies among cricket punters. This strategy can be ranked as the best cricket betting strategy. This strategy involves increasing the bet amount after every loss. The strategy makes an assumption that the player will eventually get a win after some consecutive losses.

The strategy is ideal for games with 2.0 odds or higher. The higher the odds, the better the payout when the player gets the right prediction.

In case of a win, the player places an equal amount for the next bet. However, in case of a loss, the player doubles their bet amount for the next bet.

This strategy is ideal for reducing the losses made during betting. The strategy is great for short-term use. Long-term use may result in huge losses. All this makes it an effective cricket betting strategy.

For example, if a player p a bet of 500 INR on a game and loses, the next bet should be valued at 1000 INR. If the second bet still loses, the player wagers 2000 INR on the next bet. In case of a win on the third bet, the player will wager 2000 INR on the next bet.

The D’Alembert Strategy


The D’Alembert strategy has a lot of similarities with the Martingale strategy. The only difference is the amount placed on the bets. When using this strategy, the player increases the bet amount by a unit every time they lose on a bet on a cricket team.

In case of a win, the player reduces the bet amounts by a unit. Players are advised to use this strategy on games with odds of 2.0 or 3.0. These odds guarantee a player of recovering their losses when they get a correct prediction on the match winner.

For example, if a player wages a bet amount worth 200 INR on their first bet and loses, the second bet will be worth 400 INR. In case the second bet is also a loss, the third bet amount will be 600 INR. However, if the player gets a win on the third bet, they will wager 400 INR on the next bet.

This strategy is a great way for punters to cover the losses they make when placing bets. The strategy is ideal for short-term use only. When used for longer periods, the strategy may result in a lot of losses.

The Miller System Strategy

The Miller system works best with odds ranging from 1.85 to 1.95. Players place bets totaling 1% of the total bankroll for every bet placed.

When using this strategy, the player places more bets of the same value until they reach a 25% profit. In case a player has a bankroll totaling 3,000 INR, they can only increase the bet amount when they reach 3,250 INR.

This strategy is ideal for cricket games and the various side bets offered in cricket matches. The strategy helps players reduce their losses and also improves their chances for a higher payout. The Miller strategy assures players of a winning rate of 53%.

The Danish Betting System

The Danish betting strategy involves increasing your bet amount after every lost money, just like in the Martingale strategy. Players also increase their odds by 0.5 for every bet lost. However, in case of consecutive losses, the player will lose money due to the increasing odd sizes.

The best way to utilize the Danish system is by applying it to the side bets. In cricket bets, the strategy can be applied when placing bets for the match winner, the innings run and the man of the match.

The Tank Attack Strategy

When placing cricket bets using this strategy, players split their bankroll into several tanks. The ideal number of tanks when placing cricket bets is 5. This strategy makes the assumption that in case 2or 3 of the tanks win, they can cover the losses made by the other tanks.

The ladder system can also be applied in each of the tanks. Players can opt to place bets worth 1% of the bankroll in each of the banks.

This reduces the risk of losing even more when using the both strategies together. However, when betting on all the tanks, players can increase the bet amount to 3%.

Correct Score Betting Strategy

This ranks among the simplest and most effective betting strategies for cricket. This strategy involves making the correct match predictions on the scores in a cricket game. For example, a player may decide to place bets on a match between India and Australia. In this case, the player can split their bankroll for four different markets. The player can select Australian or India to win the match.

The player can also make a prediction on the match being a draw or a tied match. A player distributes their bankroll among the different markets available for the two teams. Using this strategy, a player is guaranteed a win in one of the markets. A punter can also place bets for the various markets available in the game on different betting platforms.

The 60+ Strategy

The 60+ strategy aims at reducing the losses made in a streak of 5 bets. In case of a win, the player increases the bet amount by 60%. The bets start with 1% of the bankroll and continue to rise the more a player bets.

This strategy works best with odds of 1.7 and above. However, placing parallel bets with this strategy may lead to heavy losses. When using the 60+ strategy, the chances of winning a single game out of 5 games are slightly higher. To make the most out of the 60+ strategy, players are advised to use the strategy at least thrice in a day.

Other Strategies

Other than the mathematical and in-game strategies, there are also other simpler strategies that players can apply in cricket betting to improve their winning chances. Below is a detailed list of a few strategies that can be used in cricket bets. These strategies can also be applied when you lay bet on test matches

Register On Several Betting Platforms

Many online gaming platforms offer cricket matches. Every platform offers its own unique and different odds and payout rates for the cricket matches. When placing cricket bets, one should create multiple accounts on various platforms. Some online gaming platforms offer better odds compared to others.

It is possible to place bets for the same match on multiple platforms. When creating an account on a betting platform, it’s important to first establish the legality of the platform. One should also find a platform that offers payment methods accessible to them. Payment methods such as net banking and UPI make it possible for players to deposit bet amounts into the gaming platform. The payment methods are also used to withdraw winnings from the betting account.

Make Use Of Online Data Mining Tools

To make good bets in cricket matches and leagues such as the Indian Premier League, one needs to have good knowledge and understanding of the cricket statistics for the league. The team statistics inform successful punters about the team form.

Cricket matches are also affected by adverse weather such as rainfall. In case of rainfall, cricket matches are postponed to a future date. These statistics are very important to particular players who wish to make serious money. There are various cricket data mining tools such as Cricinfo that enable players to access all the information they require about cricket matches.

The data mining tool also provides the stats for the different players. This information enables punters to make more informed bets, especially in the best batsman markets.

Learn The Cricket Bets Variations

Cricket bets have various variations such as match winner, series winner and many more. There are also live betting variations for cricket matches. Before you start placing bets on cricket matches, one should first learn about the different types of bets available in a cricket match.

It’s advisable to start off with simple bets before you can advance to more complicated bet types. This enables a new players to learn more about cricket betting and build their skills before they can advance to more complicated wagers that involve accumulator bets.

Track Your Performance

When placing bets on a cricket event, players are advised to track the outcomes of the previous bets made. Many betting platforms provide a betting history option for the players. By tracking their bet outcomes, players are able to establish whether they are making a profit or loss from the platform.

With this information, a player is able to take the next course of action by either reducing the bet amounts or increasing the bet amounts. Betting on cricket matches should be done in a responsible way. One should place bets on platforms that are legal. Betting on illegal platforms is considered a criminal act. One should also not wager money that they cannot stand to lose.

Make Use Of A Budget

This is arguably the most important rule when it comes to cricket betting. Before you start betting, one should always have a budget on the amount of money they plan to spend on placing bets. This enables a punter to reduce the rate of losses. It’s also important to ensure that you do not bet money that you cannot afford to lose. In case of a long losing streak, one should opt out of the platform or look for other betting options.

Betting on cricket matches should be strictly a fun venture and not a source of income. Betting is ideally a hobby. Betting on cricket matches is a unique and interesting way to enjoy cricket.

Know The Match Venue

Match venues also affect the way a cricket match turns out to some extent. The bigger the stadium, the harder it is for batsmen to hit the sixes out of the park. Punters can take advantage of this fact and place more accurate bets on the respective markets. However, smaller fields make it possible for runs both square and straight off the wicket. With this knowledge, punters can place more accurate bets.

Always Do Pre-Match Research

Before you can place any cricket bets, the first step should be doing research on the teams you want to bet on. Pre-match research enables you to find out about the team stats, such as the number of times the team loses and team form in a particular season.

It’s also possible to find out about player injuries and weather predictions about the match day. All this information helps a punter to place more informed bets about a particular game. The pre-match research also enables a punter to find out the platforms that provide the best odds and payout rates. It is best to bet on matches that have the best odds.

Make Use Of Bonuses And Promotions

Nearly all betting platforms occasionally offer bonuses to their new and loyal players. Bonuses refer to extra cash credits into a punter’s account by the gaming platform. The money is given as a show of appreciation and a marketing strategy to invite new potential punters into the gaming platform.

The popular types of bonuses are the welcome bonus and the matching deposit bonus. Players can make use of the welcome bonus by creating an account on a platform that offers the welcome bonus. Some criket betting sites also offer free bets for the test match markets. Bonuses increase a player’s chances of winning money.

Make Use Of The Over/Under Markets

In a cricket match, there are several markets available for punters to place bets on. The most common markets include the under/over markets for the first 6 overs and innings in a match.

These markets offer good odds and payouts for the players and are generally easy to predict as compared to other markets.

Make Use Of The Gaps In Play

During a cricket match, there are two compulsory breaks of two and a half minutes for both teams. For the bowling team, the break is given after the 6th or 9th over. However, the bowling camp gets their break at the 13th or 16th over.

After these short breaks, most of the batters return to the match a bit distracted and are more likely to commit an error. Punters can take advantage of this by using live bets to make the right predictions. These bet types could help win money when correctly predicted.

Make Rational and Not Emotional Bets

When placing cricket bets, punters are advised to make rational and informed bets instead of following instincts. Rational bets are likely to result in the right prediction for the outright winner.

Pre-match research puts a player in a better position to make more rational bets based on the team statistics.


Can One Make More Successful Cricket Bets By Using Betting Strategies?

Betting strategies greatly improve a player’s winning chances when betting on a cricket match or cricket leagues. Though the cricket betting strategies may not guarantee a win, they increase the player’s chances of winning bets. Various strategies such as the dogon strategy, the Martingale strategy and the D’Alembert strategy can be applied in a cricket match to boost winning chances.

What’s The Best Approach For One To Win In Cricket Betting?

If you want to know how to win and get the most out of cricket betting, you need to apply strategies correctly and accurately. In addition, it is important to do the necessary research before betting. The best approach is to learn more about the available markets and understand them better. Match betting is also ideal for beginners and experienced players alike. Online cricket betting platforms also provide guidance on how to bet correctly.

Which Is The Best Strategy To Apply When Betting On Cricket?

There is a wide variety of strategies that can be used in cricket matches. Every strategy has its advantages and disadvantages as well. Some strategies work best in some specific markets. Players are advised to find the strategies that work best for them and the strategies that are most efficient when placing bets on online cricket betting platforms.

Is It Possible To Make Real Money While Using Cricket Betting Strategies?

Yes, it is. The gambling industry has really grown in the last decade. Many online gaming platforms now enable cash bets for cricket matches. The betting industry platforms provide payment methods for players to deposit money into the betting accounts. The payment methods can also be used to withdraw winnings from the betting accounts. There are several payment methods available on online cricket betting platforms. The payment methods include Net banking, UPI and Paytm. Players get the payouts credited to their accounts when they make the correct match predictions on the available markets.

Should One Be A Cricket Expert To Bet On Cricket Matches?

One does not necessarily need to be an expert in cricket or any other sports betting variation to bet on cricket games. There exists a wide variety of markets available for cricket punters, even markets for tied matches. There are also various websites and platforms that offer guidelines for new players on how to bet on cricket tournaments.