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Best Sites for Live Sports Betting

In this article, we shall reveal everything you need to know about the famous in-play betting or what many refer to as live betting in sports. Luckily, India has one of the most reputable sports betting platforms that offer betting opportunities to all gambling enthusiasts. Indeed, you can bet on different sports and win huge monetary prizes. Besides, some of these gambling platforms offer great bonuses and promos to help you bet more on your favorite sports.

Thus, we will help you find out the right sites for live betting and the various sports you can wager on. Also, we will clarify the types of live bets and offer handy live betting tips to help you bet wisely on live sports. So, you can read on to discover the secrets to live betting in India and a few other things you probably did not know.

To begin with, a great sports betting experience starts by choosing the best betting platform like betway live sports betting. Ideally, a good betting site should offer diverse sporting events and various live betting options. Besides, it has to provide safe and secure ways to add funds to the site. Additionally, the site must possess in-game stats and much more. Let us find out the factors that make an excellent sports betting platform.

The site must also offer live betting features like cash out and in-game stats and competitive live betting odds.

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What makes a top sports live betting platform?

Software developers understand the importance of creating easy-to-access and use platforms for gambling. This is the main reason every sports betting platform offers easy access to improve user ship. However, that is not all. There are additional aspects that you, as the punter, need to look out for when finding the right live betting website to place your bets on.


A good sports betting website should load fast. You will experience the worst live betting if the site has loading problems. Remember, the site should offer real-time feeds about the live game. Besides, it should be fast to upload funds just in case you want to deposit funds so that you can place your live bets. A slow-loading website will possibly waste time and resources and might cause losses on the bets.

Reliable Banking Options

bank option
The best live sports betting platform must have excellent banking options. These banking methods should be safe and reliable. Indeed, the deposits should be instant. On top of that, it should be safe and secure. Most live betting sites use SSL encryption to ensure that transactions can never be hacked.

A good sports betting site can offer various payment alternatives like Skrill, Neteller, Visa, MasterCard, etc. Also, each website has a minimum deposit and the highest withdrawal amount. Therefore, you should consider that during your site selection process.

Customer Service

Selecting a sports betting site that offers reliable customer service would be great. You will probably face betting hurdles, and you might need quick help. If the site lacks a reliable support team, you may lose money or have a troublesome gambling experience.

Regular Promotions

Regular Promotions
Live sports betting platforms offer great bonuses and promos. For example, you could get a welcome bonus if you sign up on a certain sports betting platform and add some real money. The bonus is meant for use in various sports wagering opportunities available on the site. Typically, sports betting platforms offer to reload bonuses, cash backs, welcome packages, free betting, etc.

Happily, these promotions remain open to every punter on the site. However, you may be expected to meet some minimal deposit requirements to qualify for the bonus. Additionally, each bonus might have terms and conditions that apply. And you can learn about such terms on the promo page.

Licensing and reputation

You should only join a sports betting site that has a genuine gambling license issued by a recognized body or organization. Indeed, you should check the licensing information in the footer that is displayed on the homepage of the site. In addition, the site should have a good reputation for its unique gambling services, fast payouts, reliable help center and much more. Many bettors especially paypal sites and betting astropay sites are known for their reliability, which is why they are used by a large number of players.

What is live betting?

betting app Live betting is the placing of bets of your choice on a match that is in progress. In other words, the players are on the field trying their level best to outshine their opponents, and you have the chance to say what will happen in the next few moments of the match. Although it is not available in all sporting events, this is an incredible chance.

Truly, you can enjoy thrilling betting if you try live betting today. In fact, you will enjoy watching the sporting event unfold in real-time and still earn from the live game predictions that you bet on. Therefore, if you have not yet attempted to bet on live matches, you really should try it and enjoy the thrilling adventure.

Excitingly, live sports wagering platforms are accessible via mobile devices. Thus, you can use a smartphone or a tablet to place live bets as you watch the match on your favorite TV channel. However, remember to have the mobile device connected to a stable internet connection.

Best Sports for Live Betting Online

Live betting is a more exciting adventure than other types of betting, here it is worth noting IPL betting as the most popular type of betting in India . However, it may not be possible to enjoy it at all the sports events you are aware of. Thus, there are select sports where live betting is possible. These are the various sports you can place a  live bet on:

?  Tennis – Tennis is one of the exciting sports that you can place your live bets on. Indeed, it is a sport that offers good speed to improve the thrill and excitement. You can place your live bets on a tennis match that is the currency in progress and win big if your bet comes to pass.

?  Basketball – this unique sport involves quick twists and turns making it a perfect choice for live betting. Besides, basketball matches do not last long like other sports. Thus, you can place your live bets and not spend much of your time waiting for the outcome.

?  Hockey – live betting favors sports with fast twists and turns like hockey. That is why it is a great sport to place a live bet.

?  American Football – this sport offers both a thrilling watching experience and punters can really have much fun. You can enjoy the thrill and still make money from live sports betting.

⚽  Soccer – soccer happens almost everywhere in India and in the world. This means that you can always have an opportunity to place the live bets during a local or international match. Besides, these games enjoy huge streaming on various local and international channels. Thus, it is quite easy to follow up the happenings and place your bets on a mobile device.

?  Cricket – you can reap big from the sport you like. Live cricket betting can earn you thousands of Rupees especially when you employ some live cricket betting tips.

Types of Live Bets

Live betting offers various betting markets. Therefore, it is possible to bet on any of the available markets and win big. Here are the traditional live betting options for you:

  • Money Line or Full-time Outcome or Match Result

As you can see, the names might be different depending on the sports live betting app you are using. However, these terms mean the same thing. In this type of live bet, you should bet on the ultimate winner of the match.

  • Spread or Handicap

You will find some platforms where one of the teams will begin with a spread, and you are free to place your live bet for or against the challenger covering it.

  • Total or Over-Under

This type of live bet involves focusing on the number of goals or points achieved in the course of the sporting event.

Moreover, these are just the traditional categories. You will find more markets on various gambling sites depending on the type of sport.

Here are quick examples of the types of bets you can place on each sport:

  • Football– Player props, total points, money line, point spread.
  • Basketball– money line, point spread, total points, first quarter or first half point spread, first quarter or first half total points.
  • Baseball– total hits, pitches, home runs, strikeouts, and winning margin.
  • Hockey– final score, money line, handicap, puck line, total goals, period winner, and period goals.

5 Live Indian Betting Tips

Before you start live betting on various sports, it would be a great idea to learn a few handy tips or strategies. Remember, you will venture into live betting to make money from the gambling activities. Thus, it would be best if you were ready for the task, and the best way to prepare is by obtaining a few tips from us. These handy pointers will help you avert traps. Also, these useful tips will help you make the right bet choices. Thus, you will have a higher chance of making profits from your live betting venture.

  • Watch the Match from its start

Unfortunately, many bettors don’t like to watch real events unfold, although it’s quite easy given the number of live cricket streams, and to many it will help make a good bet. They just place the bets and leave everything to chance. This is not a bad idea, but you can do better. Live betting may not go well if you are unwilling to watch the entire match. Notably, you will learn a lot during the first few moments of the match. You can use that info you have collected to pick the right live bets.

Watching the match will help you make an informed decision on the next outcome. However, failing to watch it will see you depend on the live match odds, which may not always be a good idea. Remember, the live match odds keep changing almost every other second, and you should depend on your own judgment.

  • Take advantage of Bad Lines

The book markers have ways to come up with the odds. They consider various aspects to make sure they have given the right odds for the various bets. However, this may not always be easy in live matches. They may not consider every other aspect when making the prices. Thus, you can make good money if you take advantage of the bad lines.

  • Pre-Game Bet

It would be best if you placed a pre-game bet as you wait for the in-game gambling. This is a way to get ready for live betting. This type of bet is ideal because you can use the live bets to save it from losing or even advance it to win more on the same picks you had made earlier.

  • Understand Your Limits

Due to the thrilling experience of the current match and the live betting, it is easy to get carried away. Notably, the first great factor to consider has a gambling budget. You must decide on the exact amount you would like to spend on the live betting venture. By doing so, you will keep in mind the number of bets you can place and even the interest on each. It is even better if you can keep a simple record of each live bet you have placed. Fortunately, most sports betting sites offer real-time updates and records on the various live bets you have made. Thus, it will help you manage your bets and stay on the budget.

  • Always choose the right live sports betting site

The right sports betting platform offers great services in all aspects of gambling. That is why it is really good to use various factors to select the best site for live sports betting that offers great live betting odds. These factors are shared above, and you can always visit this page to review them.

Notably, the right sports betting website should offer impressive promos, great support, various betting markets, live betting opportunities, and reliable banking options. Ensure you read the reviews and check out its licensing data. You will need to confirm a lot of details before you can finally settle on a certain sports gambling site.

The Pros and Cons of top live betting sites

Live sports betting has many benefits and some drawbacks that you should know. Many punters are already aware of the advantages and disadvantages of live betting. However, if you are a newbie in the live betting realm, you may want to learn its pros and cons. Happily, we have compiled the list here and given a short description of each. Thus, it will be easy for you to decide if it is worth the risk, time, and energy involved, or if it is not.

Pros of live sports betting sites

These are the pros of using live sports betting platforms:

➕ Fast Payouts

Most live sports wagering sites offer quick payouts for the bets you have won. These live bets are different from the pre-game bets in such a way that they offer awesome live betting odds and you can even withdraw your winnings even before the match is over. However, the quick payouts largely depend on the type of bet you have chosen. However, the fact remains that you can get the cash you have won if the bet wasn’t about the final outcome of the live match. Getting quick returns on the live betting venture is one of the main pros of engaging in live betting.

➕ Various Betting Options

Live bets offer so many markets to choose from. Indeed, they have better options than pre-game ones. This means that you have tons of options to choose from to make quick money. For example, you can predict the first quarter, the next quarter, the final outcome, the next yellow card, etc. And these are just examples of the many betting options you can find on a live bet.

➕ Real-time match updates

Truly, betting platforms offer more than just betting markets. Indeed, after placing your bets, you will need to keep track of what happens from that moment. Happily, the site provides real-time feeds about the match. Thus, you will not spend much of your time trying to track the happenings. Instead, you will be busy trying to figure out your next bet according to the match’s progress. That is why it is good to watch the event as it happens.

➕ Mobile-friendly

The live sports gambling websites are highly compatible with mobile devices powered by iOS and Android. Indeed, you can use the site’s mobile version to sign-up, create your account, add funds, place live bets, contact customer service, and much more. Also, the various pages of the mobile version will load fast to ensure that you can track your live bets. Notably, the mobile version offers the same reliable and safe deposit and cash-out options. You will not run out of betting markets just because you are using a tablet or smartphone to bet. Indeed, it will be better to use the live betting app because you can bet on the go.

➕ A thrilling yet lucrative experience

You can enjoy the real action and still make money. Thus, we can term it a lucrative hobby. It feels good to be happy about your favorite team’s win, but it even feels better to have earned some profit from the same game. Therefore, cricket betting sites offer both entertainment and a lucrative opportunity to make money from live betting.

Cons of live betting sites

These are the cons of using live sports wagering websites:

➖ Punters get confused

This may sound funny, but it is true to say that many gamblers get confused due to the existence of tons of live betting markets. It might even be more confusing if it is your first time participating in live sports betting. However, you can still find a way out by learning how to do it from YouTube videos, blogs, etc. You can still seek help from your close friends that are fond of live sports wagering. Also, remember to seek help when you feel stuck.

➖ Takes a lot of time

Live sports betting is different from pre-game betting. This is because live betting involves following the sports action as it unfolds, while pre-game involves placing bets and waiting for the outcome as you undertake other activities. You can even place the bets and forget about it only to check later or see the winning notification on your mobile phone. In this case, you will not have invested much time. However, live betting requires time to study the game and predict the next outcomes.

➖ This can lead to problem gambling

Some punters can be carried away by the fast profits made through live betting. This can lead to problem gambling because the person will always want to make quick money every now and then. Also, they may not even create a gambling budget and stick with it as required.

Live Betting FAQ

Check out these FAQs about live sports betting in India

What is the best platform to bet on sports 2023?

The best platform for live sports betting is Bet365. This is because the site offers safe banking options, multiple live betting markets, a mobile-friendly betting platform, a reliable help center, and much more. Therefore, you can rely on it for all your live sports gambling needs.

Can I really trust Bet365?

Yes, this is a trustworthy sports betting platform that holds a valid gambling license.

Besides, it offers safe and secure payment methods to protect your info and transactions.

What are the best sports in live betting?

There are many sports to bet on. However, the most popular sports that offer live betting opportunities include soccer, American football, basketball, tennis, cricket betting live, etc.

How and where to enjoy football live betting?

You can create an account on a betting platform like Bet365 and add funds for placing the real money bets.

Which betting platform is the most reliable in India?

Bet365 is the best live betting site with a good reputation in India. Besides, the site is known for its fantastic bonuses to the new and existing punters.

How to bet on live sporting events?

The best way to bet begins with choosing the sports betting site, creating an account, funding it, and betting on the various available markets. you can still use some proven Indian betting tips.