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Crickex App For Android And IOS


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Crickex is an Indian mobile betting platform that hosts a wide array of betting options ranging from pre-match events to live matches and games. The app also offers a wide selection of casino tables and live casino games where players can place bets using real money.
The Crickex app has the best odds for all the major sporting events. The app has amazing graphics on the user interface, which allows the user to customize the app to their preference. The app offers an interactive interface that gives the players an interesting gaming experience.

  • Application version used 1.1
  • APK file size 4Mbs
  • App size after installation 20Mbs
  • Downloading cost free
  • Supported operating system Android and IOS
  • Access to broadcast After completion of registration
  • Access to the official home page Access to the official home page After completion of registration
  • The crickex app provides one of the best odds for the major sporting games such as cricket. The platform has good payouts that guarantee users of good winnings.
  • When using the crickex app, players can place bets on several games and sports using Rupees.
  • The platform also offers live game variations which involve high-quality video streaming.
  • The crickex app has a high-quality interface that is user-friendly to all users, including newbies
  • The crickex app has a limited number of markets for the available sports betting games.
  • Crypto currency transactions are not facilitated on the app.

Crickex App Review

The Crickex app has a simple user interface that is basically easy to navigate when placing bets and making cash transactions. The pop-up menus on the app allow players to access the different betting options available on the platform.

The crickex platform is licensed by the Curacao gaming commission and is therefore recognized as a legal entity by Indian law.

Below are the specifications of the crickex mobile app.

Crickex App For Android Devices

crickex download appMost android devices that meet the system requirements can run the patrimatch app. Smartphones with higher specifications perform better with the app. Regular updates to the crickex app ensures that the app stays up to date with the developments in online gaming.

How To Download The Crickex APK For Android

There are two methods available for downloading the android app for crickex.

The most popular way of downloading the crickex app is through the google play store. The play store provides a high majority of android apps on one platform, including the crickex app.

1.1. When using the google play store to download the crickex app, the first step is creating an account on the platform. Creating an account on the google play store enables one to download various apps from the store.

1.2.The next step after creating an account is making a search for the crickex app on the store

1.3. Before downloading the app from the search results, one should first establish the authenticity and legality of the app. This can be established by skimming through the reviews.

1.4. After establishing the authenticity of the app, one is required to accept the terms and conditions of the crickex before the download starts.

1.5. Once the user has accepted the terms and conditions, the app is downloaded on the device. The next and final step after this is installing the application and running it on the device.

In case one is unable to find the crickex APK download in the google play store, the crickex website offers a download link for the app download.

1.1. Users can click on the download link offered on the website to start the download. Since the app has a small size, downloads are fast.

1.2. After completing the downloads, users are required to change the security settings on the android device. This is made possible by allowing the device to make installations from unknown sources.

1.3. After changing the settings, the app can be installed and run on the device. However, downloading, installing and running the crickex app requires an internet connection.

System Requirements For The Crickex App in Android Devices

For an Android device to run the crickex app, it has to meet some specifications. Below are some of the specifications required in an android device to run the crickex app.

  • For an android device to run the crickex app, it must have the Android version 7 or above.
  • The crickex app needs a device with a RAM of 1Gb and above. This makes sure that the gameplay in the app is fast.
  • Memory space of at least 20Mbs is needed when running the crickex app on an Android device.
  • The crickex app can only be run on devices with a 1.3GHZ processor or more.

In case a device does not match up to the set requirements, players can also access the crickex platform using the mobile browser version of the app. The site can be accessed using a mobile browser. Players can also upgrade to a better Android device to be able to download and install the app.

Android Devices That Support The Crickex App

Many of the Android devices that meet the specified requirements are all able to run the crickex app. Some of these Android devices include Oppo reno, Google pixel 3, Huawei mate 20, Redmi note 7, 8, 9, Samsung Galaxy M51, A10, A20, Note 10, A 30, Oneplus 7, and 7T.

All that is required when using one of the listed devices is a live internet connection. Smartphones make it possible for players to access the betting platform at any particular time and place. It’s also possible to authorize deposits and withdrawals from the crickex account using a smartphone.

Crickex App For IOS Devices

The crickex app for IOS devices offers a nearly identical user interface to the android version apart from a few modifications on the IOS version. Most of the IOS devices support the app, but they are required to meet some specifications to be able to run the crickex app.

Steps For Downloading The Crickex App For Android Devices

  1. The first step to downloading the crickex app on IOS devices is accessing the crickex website using the web browser.
  2. After accessing the website, the next step is downloading the app by clicking on the link for IOS downloads.
  3. Once the download is complete, the final step is installing and running the app. However, to place bets, one must create an account on the crickex app. Registering an account involves fling out some personal details such as gender, age and phone number.

Crickex App System Requirements For IOS Devices

Despite the fact that most IOS devices are able to run the crickex app, there are some set specifications that all devices must meet to be able to make the crickex app download for IOS. The table below lists the system requirements for the IOS devices.

Operating system 11 and above
RAM 1Gb and above
Processor speed 1.3GHZ
Memory space required 20Mb

When placing bets and using the crickex app to make money, the higher the specifications an IOS device has, the faster the gameplay in the app.

IOS Devices That Support The Crickex App

There is a wide variety of IOS devices that support the crickex app. These devices include iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, XR, XS, iPhone 11, pro, pro-Max and iPhone 12.

Cricket Betting In The Crickex App

Cricket is a favorite sport among many Indians, and crickex takes advantage of this by providing a wide variety of cricket matches to bet on. There are various cricket betting variations, such as live cricket betting, which is offered on the crickex app.

The crickex app has grown popular with cricket fans over the years due to the good odds the app offers on its platform. The crickex app makes it possible for players to bet on matches in various cricket leagues such as the IPL.

The crickex APK download 2023 provides various cricket bet types. The extra bets included in a cricket match are known as side bets. The side bets in cricket matches give players more chances of winning. The side bets also have higher payouts than the regular bets.

How To Place A Cricket Bet On The Crickex App

    1. The first step to placing cricket bets on crickex is downloading the app and getting an account registered on the crickex platform. The registration process involves entering your personal details such as age, gender and phone number on the registration form.

Players are also required to submit a passport photo, both sides of an ID and the back and front photo of an authentic driver’s license.

  1. Once a user has created a crickex account, the next step is logging into the account. This is done by entering the account details and the crickex account password.
  2. The next step is depositing cash into the crickex account using payment methods provided by the crickex app. The most popular methods of payment used on the app include UPI and Paytm.
  3. After making cash deposits for placing bets on cricket matches, players must select the cricket match of choice. The players can then wager the preferred amount on the team of choice.
  4. Players must then ensure that they have filled in the betting coupon and placed the right amount on the bet.
  5. After the bet has been placed, all that is left is waiting for the match outcome. Players are credited the payouts into their crickex account when they make the correct predictions on the bet made.

How To Withdraw Winnings in The Crickex App

Cash withdrawals from crickex can only be made from a verified account. Account verification is done after registration has been completed. Payouts are made when a player makes the right prediction on a bet. The payout amount depends on how much a player wages in a bet.

Below are the various detailed steps one needs to follow to withdraw winnings from crickex app.

  1. Open the crickex app and log into your account.
  2. On the home page, click on the output option.
  3. Select the preferred payment method from the given options.
  4. Enter the cash amount you wish to withdraw from the crickex app account.
  5. Confirm the transaction by accepting the terms and regulations.

Methods Of Making Deposits In the Crickex App

Due to the growing popularity of online gaming, various payment methods have been developed to enable cash transactions. Here are some of the popular methods that can be used to deposit money into the crickex app.


The unified payment interface is the most used method of payment among Indian punters. UPI enables users to connect to various bank accounts and authorize cash transfers to the crickex app. The UPI platform has a transaction period of 15 minutes for cash deposits into the crickex app.

The platform is user-friendly and simplified, making it easy to navigate.

Net Banking

Net banking method of payment involves the use of bank apps to transfer cash to the crickex account. Users enter their bank accounts and password into the app to enable them to send and withdraw cash from the crickex app.

When making deposits using net banking into the crickex app, the minimum amount a player can deposit into crickex is 2,000 INR.

Methods Of Withdraw Used In The Crickex App


Neteller is an E-Wallet that can be used to make deposits into the crickex app. Users deposit money from bank accounts into the E-Wallet. Players can then transfer the funds to the crickex account and withdraw winnings using the platform.

The minimum withdrawal limit for Neteller is 435 INR.


Skrill is a global E-Wallet that allows transactions into online gaming accounts in Rupees. Users can also use the E-Wallet to withdraw cash from the crickex app. The minimum withdrawal limit of skrill is 174 INR.

The E-Wallet has a user-friendly interface that is simplified to make navigation easy. Cash withdrawal made using skrill is fast and secure.

How To Update The Crickex App

Updates of the crickex app can be done using two methods. The first method involves uninstalling the app and then installing it again. The other method of updating is done while the app still runs and does not require the user to uninstall the app. Below are the steps to follow when making an update on the crickex app.

  • Launch the app and login into your crickex app account.
  • In case of a pending update, the app notifies the user and requests authorization.
  • By clicking the accept icon, the app begins the update process.
  • The app update is fast and takes at least five minutes to complete.
  • Upon completing the update, users are required to run the app again to set up the new updates.

How to Uninstall The Crickex App

Uninstalling the crickex app is an easy and fast process. By long pressing the app icon, the uninstall option opens. When connected to the internet, what a user needs to do is click on the uninstall option to authorize the uninstall.

Alternatively, the app user can open the file manager, go to the app settings and open the crickex app. Opening the crickex app also opens the uninstall option of the app.

Clicking on the uninstall options authorizes the uninstall from the file manager. The process is quite fast and takes a minimum of 5 minutes.

Comparison Of The Crickex Web Browser, Mobile Web Browser and  App

The crickex web browser is the crickex platform that is mostly accessed using a computer browser. The platform has a simplified home page that provides the user with all the betting options.

The mobile web browser is ideal for mobile phone browsers and offers a more compact platform as compared to the web browser. Users need a phone browser to access the platform.

The crickex app is the most ideal and personalized platform for crickex. Users need to  first download and install the app to be able to access it.

An internet connection is required before a user can access any of the platforms.

Advantages Of The Crickex App

  • The crickex app offers the users a wide variety of gaming options to choose from. The crickex app has casino slots, roulette wheels and live casino tables. The app also provides the users with a variety of sports betting options to choose from, such as cricket matches.
  • The crickex app is accessible from any location and time. All a user needs is a live internet connection to access the app. The platform also offers various payment methods for players to deposit and make withdrawals.
  • The app has a low storage space and is more customizable to meet the user’s needs. Users can create an avatar on the crickex app.


The crickex app offers the best gaming experience to users. This can be attributed to the simple user interface that makes it easy for new players to navigate the platform. The crickex app also gives players a chance to earn money when placing bets on the platform.

The crickex app also provides a number of payment methods that players can use to deposit and withdraw cash from the app. The app is readily available on the google play store and the crickex website for players to download.

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