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300% bonus on the first deposit


Fairplay app avails numerous plays and gambling activities, including online casino games, sports betting among others for punters. The gambling app platform is remarkable due to its efficient services, free bonus, and transparency in handling details of the punters, among other benefits discussed below.

  • Application version 2.2.0
  • Application weight 3MB
  • Supported OS Android 5.0+iOS 10.0 or later
  • Official App page fairplay.club
  • APK file size 18 MB Approx
  • Downloading Free
  • Access to betting Fast access to betting
  • Provide reliable services to the punters
  • Offers rewards to the referred gamers on the betting app
  • The Fairplay casino app contains numerous spots in the lineup
  • The company is registered and licensed
  • Offer numerous bonuses to the players
  • The system works 24 hours
  • Easy withdrawal procedures
  • Simple depositing guidelines
  • Coherency in all the services in the fairplay India app
  • Transparency in all the operations in the app
  • Favorably royalty rewards
  • Possibility of gaming on the phone or PC
  • The Fairplay mobile app occupies some space
  • Bundles are needed to download the fairplay app apk
  • Only downloadable on specific gadgets

FairPlay App Review

Fairplay app provides punters with numerous slots, enabling them to bet anywhere and at any time. The players download the Fairplay India app, open an account, and register for the games in the app. Punters, after registering, are eligible to gamble at appropriate times of the day since the schedule is flexible.

Games such as soccer, basketball, crickets, Netball, Volleyball, live stream games, and online casino plays such as Roulette, Bingo, and Blackjack, among others games are all composed in the fairplay betting app. The games have different concept and features, and their playtime also varies.

The Fairplay betting app is downloadable on phones that Android and IOs power. However, the gadgets must have some space of about 60MB for the app’s download. Again, apart from the phones, the punters using the PCs can also download the Fairplay software.

Gamers receive numerous bonuses, including welcome benefits, loyalty rewards, and gifts for daily participants. However, welcoming bonuses in the safe play app affect the maximum wager limit. The effect is directly proportional to the number of rewards the PunterPunter enjoys on the withdrawal limit.

The Fairplay India apk download permits further withdrawal and deposit methods to the punters. The players can use PayPal, online wallets, google pay, cryptocurrencies, mastercard bank and visa cards, among other techniques. Hence, players can use different currencies efficiently, and punters in different regions can participate in betting on the games.

fairplay sportsbook

FairPlay App on Android

Prospective players using the Android app and wishing to have a Fairplay app on their android and IOs devices can get the app in the google play store or just the play store. Note that some phones have the play store denoted as the marketplace. The name does not matter; all the specific apps are the same. Before you proceed and have your software downloaded to your gadget, below are the requirements.

  • The android phone should be of at least version 6
  • The phone must have a minimum of 60MB of free space
  • A RAM of 1.5GB
  • A 3G internet connection
  • 1.2GHz Processor

Once your gadget meets the above requirements, you can download the software to your android phone. However, note that android phones have a setting that sometimes does not allow downloading foreign apps. Hence, after finding that all the above conditions are met, it is still worthwhile going to the settings and allowing for the download of apps.

fairplay registration

How to Download FairPlay on Android

After understanding the requirements for the android play safe app to be downloaded, you can proceed using the procedure below and get the app on your phone or PC.

  • Press the Fairplay app on a search engine.
  • On the right corner of the main page, there is a section written mobile version press it
  • Click the link non-Fair Play button to activate the download.
  • Go to the settings section and permit the download of apps from unknown sources.

Note that the Fairplay app can also be downloaded using the play store software or marketplace already on the phone. When downloading the app from the app, get to the app and press the Fairplay pp and search. Click on the link given to commence the download. Remember to confirm the security check to allow for the download of apps from unknown sources.

FairPlay App on IOs

Fairplay app is available on the Website, and many punters can access the software online and download it. However, apart from the online portal, players whose IOs phones have a play store or google play store, also called marketplace, can download it freely. The players only need a stable network, the latest version that supports the app download, and adequate space. Before you proceed to the download, below are some of your phone’s requirements.

  • Have a network of 3G connection
  • The phone to be the latest version or at least version 6
  • Have a 1.2GHz processor
  • Ram of 1.5GB
  • A minimum space of 60MB

Betting Option on a Fairplay APP

After downloading, installing and registering the app, the punters can gamble by betting on their favourite games. It is appropriate to bet on an event with the best odds and high market stakes. However, to get the best wins, the PunterPunter should focus on gambling in more than one esports betting. Below is a simple procedure for placing a bet on the Fairplay app.

  • Open the Fairplay app on your gadget
  • Select the operation you want to do (betting)
  • View the events that you can bet on and check their codes
  • Select all the events/games you want to place your bet on
  • Deposit funds you want to gamble with
  • Press the accept button to complete the betting process

After placing the bet, wait until the game is over to see the match you have won or lost in the esports betting play. If you have won the gamble, the amount earned will be deposited in your online wallet account instantly. However, if you withdraw immediately after placing the bet and winning, it will take between 6 to 12 hours for the process to be complete.

Making Deposit on FairPlay App

To gamble and make some profit, you must first place in some amount for the game. However, the amount to be deposited varies depending on an individual capability. The gambler can deposit using various methods like bank transfer, e-wallet, Money transfer, credit cards, and Prepaid cards, among other accepted means. To place a deposit on the fair play app, first ensure that the registration process of your app is complete and the information in the biodata is correctly provided. After that, you can make the deposit using the procedure below.

  • Open the Fairplay app on your mobile app
  • Press the cashier dashboard and select deposit
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit
  • Press the accept button to complete the process.

Note the least amount accepted as the deposit is Rs 500. However, one can place a higher amount than this for betting. The initial amount paid come with welcome bonus; the higher the initial deposit, the greater the reward. If you are a beginner and it is the first time you have placed a deposit, read the wager terms to ensure you comprehend its effect on the withdrawal limit.

FairPlay Withdrawal

To withdraw money from the Fairplay app, the Punter must fast meet the wagering requirement. The wager limit varies depending on the amount of money deposited as an initial deposit and the bonuses enjoyed by the Punter. Before you attempt to withdraw, ensure that the minimum wage limit is reached, especially if you are a beginner on the online betting platform. To remove money from the the fair play app, follow the procedures below.

  • Get to the cashier on your mobile Fairplay app
  • Press withdraw
  • Place the amount you want to Remove and click the accept button.

The PunterPunter is eligible for various withdrawal options of money such as e-wallet, PayPal, visa cards, payment gateways, Net and banking, and other means. Money is transferred directly from the portal to the gamer’s preferred means of payment after the process is complete.

After placing the withdrawal request, it will take between 6 to 12 hours for you to receive the amount. If there is no response, contact the support staff within three days that you placed the withdrawal request. However, note that sometimes the request is denied to verify the details of the Punter to avoid vandalism; this is a rare occurrence and only takes place when the gambler did not provide appropriate information while opening the account. Nonetheless, gamers who placed the correct information at the beginning while registering will have an easy way to withdraw the money.

The Uninstallation Process of the FairPlay App

Perhaps you may feel that the Safe play app is filling the space in your phone, and you want to get rid of it from your gadget. If you bought the app on the marketplace or the google play store and you may wish to use it in the future, note that you can still uninstall and download it next time without having to pay for it again. Below is a simple guide on how to uninstall the Fairplay app in your gadget.

  • Go to the google play app store
  • At the top right corner, press the icon of the profile
  • Press manage app and type the Fairplay app in the search button
  • Tap uninstall to remove the app.

Again, in a simple process, you can just long press the button of the Fairplay app on your phone and select uninstall. After that, the app will disappear from your gadget. If you want to uninstall the app because it does not show some features, it is appropriate to update the app to get the newly added features in the software.

Comparison of the Mobile Version and the Website

You can play, gamble, deposit, and withdraw money using the Safe play app or just by logging into the Website. However, having either an app or depending on the Website alone is a debatable question. However, by discerning the importance of the two sites, we can achieve a better solution to their significance. Below are some similarities and differences between the app and the Website.

Similarities Between the Fairplay app and Website

  • Numerous games are provided in both the app and the Website, making it easy for the punters to choose their favourite games.
  • Numerous bonuses are given to the players in the app and the ones using the Website.
  • The amount given as a reward is directly proportional to the initial deposit placed in both the app and the Website.
  • Games such as online casino games are in the mobile devices app and Website.
  • The transaction time and procedure take the same time in the app, just as on the Website.
  • The system works 24/7 for both the website operation and the app site.
  • The amount to be withdrawn within a given period varies for both the Website and the app.

Merits of Fairplay App over the Website

  • Simple and easy to be used as compared to the Website
  • It does not suffer from an excellent traffic network as sometimes experienced on the Website.
  • Choosing the activity to do in the app is easy.
  • Improved personalization of data and games to gamble on
  • Fairplay apps exhibit high mobility as compared to the Website.
  • The mobile Fairplay app provides an easy way of getting notifications on gaming events compared to the Website.
  • Ability to view the games’ schedules online and choose which game to gamble on before placing the bet.

Having gone through some of the Fairplay website and app, it is appropriate to note that having the software does not limit one from registering another account on the Website. Hence, it is possible to gamble in the app and on the Website.

Casino Games at the Fairplay App

The players can choose and gamble on many casino games in the app. Live games such as Bingo, lottery, Baccarat, Wheel games, Dice games, Bingo, Slots, and Poker, among others, are available in the Fairplay app. Hence, it is possible to get the same humour of playing on the Website just by using a phone with the app downloaded.

To play the live casino games appropriately, ensure that the cash-out features are installed online in the portal. The better part of the cashout feature is its ability to enable the gamer to get out of the game even before the set time is over and still make some cash online.

FairPlay Bonuses

Fairplay app issues bonuses to beginners after registering and making the initial deposit. The amount given as a reward depends on the amount placed by the Punter. The higher the initial deposit, the greater the bonuses offered. Note the maximum amount of rewards that the Punter can get goes up to Rs 3000.

The bonuses are given once; no special bonuses are to be granted. The rewards are only given when opening an account for the first time. It is indeed true that some sportsbooks offer special bonuses to the app players. However, the Fairplay app does not issue such an offer to the punters.

Note the bonuses have to be wagered within a given period. If the period expires before the prizes are waged out, they will be redeemed back into the system, and you won’t enjoy them.

System Requirement for Fairplay APK

Before choosing to have the Fairplay app installed on your phone, ensure that it meets the technical requirements necessary for the system. For instance, the phone should have a space of more than 55MB, RAM of at least 1GB, and a frequency of about 1.4GHz. These features will make the system run smoothly and overcome the network traffic that may interfere with the player’s operation in the app.

Again, ensure that you are using a phone powered by Android or IOs, which should be the latest version. If not the latest one, IOs have version 13, and android has 6. Other phones do not support the Fairplay app; hence not appropriate.

How to Bet on Cricket Via the Fairplay App

Apart from enjoying the cricket games on the app, you can also place a bet and win some cash if the predictions you placed are correct. After downloading the app and registering, you can enjoy the benefits just as you could on the Website. Below is a simple guide on how to place a bet for cricket games.

  • Log in to the app and download
  • Choose the operation (Betting)
  • Then select cricket games and check the stakes given on each play
  • Place the deposit you want to gamble with
  • Press accept button and wait for the game to end


Fairplay app is a legitimate software providing punters with numerous games, including casino slots and Livestream plays. The places offered cover plays across the globe, making it easy for players in different parts of the world to participate in gaming activities and betting.

The betting app can be downloaded from the play store, google play store or the marketplace. However, the apps are only downloaded on phones powered by IOs and Android versions. The phones must have space of at least 60MB, with a good RAM of about 1GB, and sound processing speed to enable faster operation of the phone.

After registering for the first time, punters are granted with a 100% bonus that is redeemable after a given period. The rewards are recalled to the system if the gamer does not redeem the bonuses within the stated duration. However, these bonuses do affect the withdrawal limit of the PunterPunter. Note the Fairplay app does not issue special prizes to the punters using the app.

The minimum amount of deposit the PunterPunter can place is Rs 500. However, the PunterPunter is permitted to place a high amount of Rs 3000 and get back a bonus equivalent to the amount established.


Before using a Fairplay app, understand the following quick facts about the app.

What is the Fairplay app?

Note from the word “play” we denote that Fairplay play app is a software that provides numerous games you can select and bet on. The app offers games that are useful for entertainment and has modified features represented in the online Website.

Again, the app allows the punter to place a single bet anywhere without moving around. You only need a gadget powered by android or IOs and download the app to start enjoying the game.

What are the System Requirements for the Fairplay App?

Note that the fair play app system is only available on phones powered by android or IOs.Apart from having these gadgets, ensure that they are the latest version or at least 6 for android and 13 for IOs. The phone should have a minimum space of about 60MB with a faster frequency 1.5GHz and a RAM of 1.5GB.

How do I log in to the FairPlay App?

Ensure that you have the app downloaded to your phone; if not, access it from the play store for free download. After that, register and record your pin. Anytime you want to access the app, use the password to log in and out of the app.

What is FairPlay App For?

Fairplay app, like any other betting app, focuses on providing games and logbooks where punters can select and place their betting. The app avails numerous slots to cater for the interest of different punters and increase the diversification of the gambling platform.

What are the Features Of the Fairplay App?

The Fairplay app contains features that enable one to place bets, regulate the account, make deposits and withdrawals, sign out, cash out, and check the current and old odds of the games, among others. The features make the games simple and easy to play even for a single bet.

How to use the Fairplay app for Cricket Betting

Cricket games are even simpler to play, just like other games on the operating system app. You only need to log in to the app and select cricket games. After that, follow the simple guide given on how to play the game and proceed with the play in order to win big.

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