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Parimatch App For Android And IOS


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The parimatch app is the ideal app for Indian punters and sports lovers. Other than a wide variety of sporting events to choose from, the app also has several language options. The language options in the parimatch app include Hindi, Telugu, Bengali and Marathi. The parimatch platform is a legal entity licensed by the Curacao gaming commission. The license number for parimatch is 8048. The parimatch app has a minimum deposit limit of 200 INR. The platform has several payment methods for users to deposit and withdraw cash from the app. The payment methods include net banking and UPI, and many more.

  • Application version 1.0.4
  • APK file size 29MBS
  • App storage size 70MBS
  • Download cost Free
  • Supported operating system Android and IOS
  • Access to broadcast Access to broadcast After registration
  • Access to the official app page After registration
  • The parimatch app supports cash transactions with Indian currency.
  • The app has low system requirements.
  • The parimatch app is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Push notifications are enabled on the parimatch app.
  • There is a wide variety of games and sports to choose from when placing bets.
  • The patriarch app takes up a lot of storage space.
  • The customer service option is slow to respond at times.

Parimatch App Review

The parimatch app has a world-class user interface. The user interface has high-quality graphics and is user-friendly. This makes navigation through the app easy.

The parimatch app has an internal search engine that enables players to search for the sports and games they want to place bets on. The live video option in parimatch also makes it possible for players to watch live matches. This makes the parimatch app an ideal option for sports lovers.

The platform provides game statistics enabling players to make comparisons between various teams and sports. The parimatch has one of the largest collections of games and sports to choose from when placing bets.

Parimatch App For Android Devices

Parimatch App For Android Devices

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Download Now

There are two methods to use when making a parimatch app download. Players can either download the app from the google play store or the parimatch website.

The parimatch app can also be downloaded from the google play store by following the steps listed below.

1.1. The first step to downloading the parimatch app is downloading and creating an account on the google play store. Creating an account on the google play store requires one to have an email address. A google play store account enables users to download various apps from the platform.

1.2. After creating an account on the google play store, the next step is making a search for the parimatch app on the platform.

1.3. Once the search is complete, one should then ensure the authenticity of the app before making the download. The app authenticity can be established by skimming through the reviews made by other users about the app.

1.4. After finding the authentic parimatch app. The final step to downloading the app is accepting the terms and conditions set by the app.

1.5. When the download is complete, users can then run the app on their device and create an account to start placing bets.

The other alternative for downloading the parimatch app is from the parimatch website or other affiliated sites. The parimatch website provides a download link for both Android and IOS downloads.1.1. The first step is visiting the parimatch website and clicking on the Android download link. There are also other websites that provide the parimatch app download link. By making a google search, one can get the various sites where the download is available.

1.2. Before installing the app, users must change the device’s security settings to authorize downloads from unknown sources.

1.3. The final step is installing the parimatch app and running it on your device. For users to place bets on the parimatch app, they are required to create an account on the platform.

System Requirements For The Parimatch App

For an Android device to run the parimatch app, it is a requirement for the device to meet some of the specifications tables below.

Operating system Android 5.0 and above
RAM 1GB and above
Processor 1,2GHZ
Memory space 166 MB

If an android device does not meet the requirements set and cannot run the app, users are advised to use the mobile web browser version of parimatch or upgrade to a better device.

Android Devices That Support The Parimatch App

Many Android devices that meet the above specifications can run the parimatch app. Some of the Android devices that run the parimatch include Samsung Galaxy M51, A20, A10, A30, Note 10, Oneplus 7, 7T, Huawei Mate 20, Google Pixel 3, Oppo Reno, Redmi Note 7,8 and Redmi 9.

However, most android devices can run the parimatch app as long as they meet the system requirements.

Parimatch App For IOS Devices

Parimatch App For IOS Devices

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Download Now

The parimatch APK download latest version has an IOS variation too. The version is supportable on most IOS devices that meet the system requirements.

The parimatch IOS version is similar to the android version except for a few modifications. The games and sports betting options are the same for both the Android and IOS versions of the parimatch app.

Steps To Downloading The Parimatch App For IOS Devices

The download process for the IOS version of the parimatch app is easy and fast. All one needs is an IOS device that meets the set system requirements and an internet connection. Below are the steps to follow when downloading the parimatch app for IOS.

  • To download the IOS version, one must first access the parimatch website to get the download link.
  • The next step involves clicking on the link for IOS download to start the download process.
  • By clicking on the link for the IOS download, the user is redirected to the apple store, where they can download the parimatch app.
  • The download is fast and takes at least 5 minutes to complete. The user can then install the app and run it to create a user account and start placing bets.

System Requirements For IOS Devices

The patrimatch app is compatible with Apple devices running with IOS 8 and above. However, devices with IOS 11 and12 run the app faster.

Operating system IOS 8 and above
RAM 1GB and above
processor 1,2GHZ
Memory storage 100 Mbs

IOS Devices That Support The Patrimatch App

A wide majority of the available IOS devices support the patrimatch app, including but not limited to iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, XR, XS, iPhone 11, pro, pro-Max and iPhone 12.

Cricket Betting In The Patrimatch App

parimatch cricket betting appsCricket is arguably the most popular sport among Indian punters. Patrimatch app is the perfect platform for placing cash bets on cricket matches.

The patrimatch mobile app offers users a genuine gaming experience due to the wide variety of games to choose from when placing bets. Players can use the patrimatch app to make money by betting on cricket matches.

The patrimatch platform offers various bet types for cricket matches. Cricket matches have side bets that improve players’ chances of a higher payout.

How To Place A Cricket Bet On The Patrimatch App

  1. To place bets in patrimatch, one must have a registered account. The first step to placing a bet on patriarch is downloading the app. After you have downloaded and installed the app, the next step is creating an account.
  2. The next step is depositing money into the account to place bets. The patrimatch app has various payment methods that can be used to deposit money into the app. The payment methods include UPI and net banking.
  3. After making a cash deposit in the patrimatch app, one can then select the cricket option on the home page. The cricket menu opens up a list of matches available.
  4. The final step is entering the amount one wishes to wager on the placed bet. After the bet is placed, all one has to do is wait for the match outcome.

How To Withdraw Winnings From The Patrimatch App

When a player makes a correct prediction on a bet in the patrimatch app, the winnings are credited into the user account. Players can then make withdrawals putting into consideration the withdrawal limit set. Here are instructions on how to withdraw money from the patrimatch app.

  1. On the home page, click on the menu, then select the finance option.
  2. After opening the finance option, the next step is selecting the withdrawal option.
  3. The next step after selecting the withdrawal option is selecting the preferred method of payment.
  4. Some payment methods may require you to enter some personal details to authorize the transaction.
  5. The waiting period may differ for the different payment methods available in patrimatch. The withdrawal limit also varies for the different payment methods provided.

Deposit Methods Used In The Patrimatch App


The unified payment interface is a payment method that enables a user to link multiple bank accounts to their mobile phone. The user can then transfer funds from the bank account to the patrimatch app. The UPI platform is popular among Indian players due to its fast and secure transactions.

The UPI platform has a minimum deposit limit of 50 INR. The UPI payment method makes instant transactions and has no waiting period for completing deposits.


Paytm is an online e-commerce store in India that facilitates cash payments for goods and services without a bank account. The Paytm platform makes instant transfers and is secured with an end to end encryption.

Paytm has a minimum deposit limit of 50 INR and no set maximum amount. The deposit transaction has no time limit but is instant.


Skrill is an electronic wallet that enables users to make cash transfers to other users for payment for goods and services offered. Users can also deposit money from their respective bank accounts into the wallet and then use the wallet to transfer money to the patrimatch app.

The minimum deposit limit set by skrill is 50 INR, and no set maximum amount for deposits. The deposits done using skrill are instant.

Methods of Withdrawal Used In Patrimatch App

Net banking

Most Indian banks develop mobile applications that allow cash transfers from the bank account using a mobile phone. Users enter their account details and password to connect to their bank account. The transaction cost differs for the various banks. Withdrawals made using net banking take 1-3 days to be completed.


Neteller is an E-Wallet variation that facilitates withdrawals from the patrimatch app. The electronic has a user-friendly interface that is eBay to navigate. The platform is also secure and fast in making transactions. The platform takes 1-3 days for the withdrawal transaction to be completed.

How To Update The Patrimatch App

The patrimatch app may occasionally need to be updated. In case of new updates, the app notifies the user. The user can accept the update and select the update option. The patrimatch updates are fast and do not take up a lot of storage space. The patrimatch update process takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Alternatively, one can uninstall the app and then install it again to make the new updates. This may also take some time due to the download process.

How To Uninstall The Patrimatch App

There are two ideal methods that can be used to uninstall the patrimatch app.

You can long press the patrimatch icon to open the uninstall option menu. After selecting the uninstall option, it takes a short amount of time to complete the process.

The other option involves using the file manager. The first step is opening the file manager menu on your device.

After opening the file manager, the next step is opening apps and selecting the patrimatch app.

After opening the patrimatch app, you should then select the uninstall option and authorize it. The uninstall process is quite fast and takes less than 5 minutes.

Comparison Of The Patrimatch Web Version, Mobile Web Version and App

The patrimatch website is accessible by a computer web browser. The website offers more options than the mobile web version and app. Services such as customer care are fast and more efficient when using a web browser.

The mobile web version is accessible by a mobile web browser. The mobile web version is more compact as compared to the website version of patrimatch. The mobile web version is more compatible with smartphones.

The patrimatch mobile app is compatible with smartphones only. The smartphones have to meet certain system requirements for them to access and download the patrimatch app. The patrimatch is more customizable to the user news. The app also enables push notifications and is more user-friendly compared to the web browser version. However, all the patrimatch versions require an internet connection to access them.

Benefits Of The Parimatch App

  • The patrimatch app has a wide variety of options to choose from when placing bets. The platform offers various sports betting options such as cricket, rugby and football. The platform also has a wide variety of casino games, such as roulette wheels and slots.
  • There are several ideal payment methods available in the patrimatch app. This makes it easier for the various users to deposit and withdraw money from the app. Users can choose the ideal and available method of payment when placing bets.
  • The patrimach app offers a welcome bonus of 150% up to 30,000 INR. The bonus increases a player’s chances of winning a good payout. It’s also a great way for the platform to reward loyal players and attract new potential players.
  • The patrimatch offers several language options to choose from. The languages offered include English, Telugu, Bengali, Hindi and Marathi.
  • The patrimatch app facilitates instant customer support. Players can access customer care on the app without having to go to the official website.
  • When placing bets on the patrimatch app, players can transact using the Indian currency and crypto currencies too.
  • The downloads for the patrimatch app are free and readily available on several platforms. Users can also download the app from the google play store. Downloads for the Android and IOS versions can also be made on the patrimatch website. All the patrimatch downloads are free and only require a live internet connection.


The patrimatch app is the ideal betting platform for gaming and sports lovers. The site offers a world-class interface that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The platform has a broad collection of sporting events to bet on. The platform also has a wide array of casino slots and table games. The patrimatch also offers various live game variations, such as the live cricket variation. Users of the app also get several payment methods that enable them to deposit and withdraw money from the patrimatch app.

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