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Top Ten Cricket Leagues In The World

Cricket is a popular sport played in countless countries worldwide. The sport has grown popular over the years, especially in India. Several countries in the world have their own cricket leagues where different teams compete for a set prize and title over a given period.

Professional cricket leagues make a lot of money due to the match tickets, endorsements and dues from online gaming platforms. Cricket leagues take place annually over a certain period ranging from one month to two months. During this period, the teams play against each other until one team emerges as the champion.

Most cricket fans prefer the cricket leagues compared to the 5-day test matches. Cricket is also an ideal sport for punters. During cricket leagues, punters get a lot of betting opportunities by placing wagers on their favorite teams. Here is a detailed listing of the top ten cricket leagues in the world.

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Indian Premier League

IPL betting 2023The Indian premier league was founded in the year 2007 by the board of control for cricket in India. The Indian premier league ranks sixth among all sports leagues in the world. The League is more commercialized and entertainment oriented and is the most attended as far as cricket leagues are concerned. The IPL is the best professional cricket league in India and the most attended cricket league. The IPL cricket is arguably the most popular league.

The Indian Premier League is held annually between the months of March and May, with players from all around the world playing together rather than just nation-v-nation. Here, ten franchise teams follow a standard T20 format to play with each other twice.

Below are the winners of the Indian Premier League in the recent years;

  • 2017- Mumbai Indians
  • 2018- Chennai Super Kings
  • 2019- Mumbai Indians
  • 2020- Mumba Indians
  • 2021- Chennai Super Kings

The League comes with a lot of marketing opportunities for various brands. Broadcasting companies also earn from the League. Betting platforms also get to earn a lot from the League since it offers a lot of betting opportunities for punters. Cricket fans in India always look forward to the IPL. The League is intense, with all the teams aiming to get the title for the league champions.

Australia Big Bash League

big bash leagueThe Australia Big Bash League is also known as the KFC Big Bash League as it is sponsored by KFC. The league is ranked among the best cricket leagues with a good number of teams participating. This is the second most popular cricket Australia League after the Indian Premier League. It’s slightly less only IPL when it comes to audience and entertainment. It is played in Australia between the months of December and January, which are the Australian summer months. It is ranked number eight in the official list of the most attended sports leagues in the world. This League was formed in 2011 and is the only cricketing tournament. The league is the best world cricket Australia league.

The League is also a pioneer league in the world for the women’s T20 league in the form of the women’s big bash league. The League offers equal opportunity to both men and women who take part in the League. In the last year, the League signed a 1.12 billion dollar contract with the Fox network and seven networks for their broadcasting league for the entire year. The big bash league information is available on their official website.

Below are the winners of the Big Bash League;

  • 2017/18- Adelaide Strikers
  • 2018/19- Melbourne Renegades
  • 2019/20- Sydney Sixers
  • 2020/21- Sydney Sixers2021/22- Perth Scorchers

Abu Dhabi T10 League

abudabiT10The inaugural season consisting of teams was first played in 2017 in Abu Dhabi. It follows the T10 format of 10-overs per side and the match duration is 90 minutes only. The League has officially been sanctioned by the ICC and involves many famous and top-league marquee players. Due to fewer domestic competitions, the t20 league started to improve on this.

The League has a world-class aspect to it and offers many markets to place bets on. The Abu Dhabi t20 league has grown popular in the Gulf region over the last decade. Many online betting platforms offer the Abu Dhabi league matches on their platforms for players to bet on. The League offers a genuine betting platform for all fans when placing bets. The platforms that provide the Abu Dhabi league in their betting options also provide a variety of side bets for players to place bets on. The league is ideal since it offers more cricketer brand value.

The side bets are a crucial part when betting on cricket matches. The side bets have better odds and higher payouts and are considered a favorite among many punters. Below is a detailed list of the cricket teams that have won the Abu Dhabi league in the last four years. The League has also played a great role in promoting tourism in Abu Dhabi. Many fans travel to Abu Dhabi every year to watch various matches. The league offers good prize money for the league winners.

  1. The Kerala Kings – 2017
  2. The Northern Warriors – 2018
  3. The Maratha Arabians – 2019
  4. The Northern Warriors – 2021

In the year 2020, the Abu Dhabi cricket was stopped at the tournament mid season. This was due to the worldwide epidemic that affected most of the sporting events in the world. However, the League resumed in the year 2021 and is still on up to date.

The Pakistan Super League

PSLThe Pakistan super league was founded in the year 2015 by the Pakistan cricket league board. The League is held between six different teams located in the Pakistan region. The Pakistan Super League follows the T20 format and has over the years been highly commercialized with adverts and endorsements. The league hosts both international and local stars.

The first edition of the Pakistan Super league was held on February 8th, 2016.

The League was hosted in the United Arab Emirates due to the security issues that were facing Pakistan during the period. The league was validated by the international cricket council.

The League has grown quite popular over the years, with more world-class foreign players joining the League.

The Pakistan league offers a wide variety of betting opportunities for cricket fans worldwide. Various betting platforms host the Pakistan league matches for players to place bets on. The PSL league offers a cash reward of 505,000 USD to the winning team which is good prize money.

Here is a list of the teams that won the last six editions of the Pakistan league in the historical cricket tournament:

  1. Islamabad United team – 2016
  2. The Peshawar Zalmi united team – 2017
  3. The Quitta gladiators team – 2019
  4. The Karachi Kings Official team – 2020

The Pakistan cricket board has played an exceptional role in hosting the game for four consecutive years. In the year 2016, the official rights of the leagues were sold to five franchises at the cost of 93 million USD for a span of ten years.

The League has grown greatly over the years and recently attained a market value of 300 million USD in the year 2017. The Habib bank limited has been the official sponsor of the League for a duration of 3 years and recently renewed the contract at the cost of 14.3 million USD which is good prize money.

The Pakistan league has played a great role in promoting the young talent in Pakistan and has also provided a lot of employment opportunities over the years.

The League has also played a great role in nurturing local talent. Many local players in the Pakistan league have proceeded to play in international matches representing their team after polishing their skills in the League.

Caribbean Premier League

CaribbeanThe Caribbean Premier League takes place in the West Indies. It was founded in the year 2013 and was initially known as the Caribbean Twenty20 League. This League is normally played among six different teams, with five international players on each side. The league hosts both domestic and international players. The West Indian cricket league is well known in the cricket world. The league is the best West Indies cricket league in the world.

It mainly focuses on uplifting local young talent as it has a rule of 4 under-23 local players per team. This aspect of the Caribbean League has greatly empowered the youth in the West Indies and has also provided a platform where young talent can be nurtured. The league has really grown the cricket west indies base.

The Caribbean Premier League has grown to be very popular despite its slow growth making it one of the top ten premier leagues in the world. It is the one cricket tournament that receives a good response from players as well as the crowd. The league also offers good prize money to the t20 cricket league winners.

Below are the winners of the Caribbean Premier League since the year 2017 to 2021:

  • 2017- Trinbago Knight Riders
  • 2018- Trinbago Knight Riders
  • 2019- Barbados Tridents
  • 2020- Trinbago Knight Riders
  • 2021-St. Knitts and Nevis Patriots

Cricket and especially cricket live sports betting has been positively received in the West Indies, and cricket fans look forward to the Caribbean League every year. The League provides an excellent opportunity for the cricket teams to showcase their skills as they compete for the title.

T20 Vitality Blast League

vitality blastThe T20 Vitality Blast League was founded in the year 2003, and it is the first professional Twenty20 League in the world. This League is strictly for the first class countries of Wales and England. The league is controlled by the Wales cricket board and is ranked as one of the best cricket leagues in the world.

It is a very big competition with a total of 18 teams that play according to certain geographic divisions, having the top two teams of each division qualify for the playoff stage.

The T20 Vitality Blast League is the longest Twenty20 competition which goes on for around three months of play. This League follows the standard Twenty20 format. The t20 cricket league offers a good prize money rate for the players.

Below are the winners from the years 2017 to 2021:

  • 2017-Netts Outlaws
  • 2018-Worcestershire rapids
  • 2019- Essex Eagles
  • 2020- Netts Outlaws
  • 2021-Kent

Bangladesh Premier League

Bangladesh LeagueThe Bangladesh Premier League is mainly known as BPL and is the most globally recognized League out of the three professional Leagues in Bangladesh. This League follows a round-robin format among six franchises that play in the competition and is controlled by the Bangladesh cricket board. The league is one of the best leagues in the world.

Its inaugural was held in the year 2012 with a well-organized opening ceremony and player auction. Immediately after the first season, the competition was faced with some match fixing scandals which delayed the second season to 2014 instead of 2013.

The Bangladesh Premier League replaced and improved its rules and regulations. Furthermore, it has eliminated all its franchises leaving the cricket Board of Bangladesh to take over the entire League. The Bangladesh Premier League has greatly promoted the tourism sector in the country. This is due to the many fans who travel to the country to watch the League every year. The league offers good prize money compared to other major leagues.

Below are the winners of the Bangladesh Premier League between the years 2016 to 2023:

  • 2016/17- Dhaka Dynamites
  • 2017/18- Rangpur Riders
  • 2018/19-Comilla Victorians
  • 2019/20- Rajshahi Royals
  • 2021/22- Comilla Victorians

The prize money for the winning team is usually 236,099 USD. The League also enhances the spirit of patriotism as the fans come together to watch the matches as the teams compete for the coveted champions title.

The League also creates many business opportunities for the various brands that are marketed by the teams that take part in the League. The t20 cricket League also favors the betting platforms in the country as there are more betting opportunities when the League is underway.

The t20 League has played a vital role when it comes to nurturing local talent.

Global T20 League

Global T20The Global T20 League is a North American League. It is very popular due to the fact that it is the first ICC-sanctioned cricket t20 Leagues in North America. It is played by a total of six teams which feature four local players each, amongst a group of international players. There have been only two Global t20 Leagues competitions so far, with the following as the winners;

  • 2018- Vancouver Knights
  • 2019- Winnipeg Hawks

The global T20 League continues to become popular as more seasons are played. The t20 Leagues is also broadcast over several local channels. The matches played in the League are also available on the betting platforms. Players can bet with real money on the League and have a chance to win a big score if they make the right predictions on the matches they bet on then they can earn money. The League provides sensational matches that are enjoyed by spectators and players alike.

Lanka Premier League

LPLThe Lanka Premier League (L.P.L) is also known as Sri Lanka Premier League (S.L.P.L), which replaced the inter-provincial t20 leagues competition. The Lanka Premier League was supposed to start in the year 2011, but it was postponed to 2012 because it faced organizational issues and a lack of sponsorship. These problems later caused the 2013 and 2014 seasons to be canceled. The League will be replaced by the 2014 super 4’s T20 leagues. However, due to the current violent strikes that are taking place in the country, it is likely that no league will take place this year. This was the only Sri Lanka cricket league. Sponsorship reasons can also be attributed to the decline of the t20 leagues.

The Masters Champions League

Masters Champions LeagueThe masters champions league in the United Arab Emirates’ inaugural was held in the year 2016. The League is played by former international cricketers from various leagues all over the world. Each season consists of six division teams competing for the champion title. The first season of the League was held in the year 2016 in the months of January and February.

The Gemini Arabians cricket team won the first season. The League had been granted a ten-year approval by the Emirates cricket board, but the League came to a stop after the first year due to the uncertainty of some of the players.

Some of the retired players still had signed contracts with local teams. This, coupled with delayed payments, led to the collapse of the League after a short period.

Other than the above-mentioned leagues, there exist numerous numbers of cricket leagues worldwide, such as the Mzansi super league for cricket South Africa, the Everest Premier league in Nepal and many more.

Various countries in the world continue to embrace the cricket leagues and invest in them. Cricket is a great sporting event that transcends race and gender. The sport also plays a great role in uniting different cultures that share an interest in the cricket game.


Are there cricket leagues apart from the IPL?

There are several other cricket leagues all over the world apart from the IPL. Countries such as England, Pakistan and South Africa all have their own cricket leagues. Cricket leagues in different countries have much in common and basically follow the same rules and strategies for playing cricket. The prize for the league winners is different for every League. All the leagues play a great role in grooming young talent. There is also a wide variety of round robin leagues in the world. The Nepal premier league has also developed greatly in the last few years.

Which is the best cricket league in the world?

The Indian Premier League operated in India is definitely the best cricket league in the world today. The League hosts a group of very good teams with world-class players. The Mumbai Indians cricket team has won several of the IPL league titles and is one of the high-ranking teams that play in the League. However, there are also other leagues in India.

Can one place bets on various cricket leagues?

Yes, you can. Online gaming has really grown and diversified in the last decade. Most cricket matches from various leagues are offered for wagering on betting platforms. It is possible for a player to wager bets on multiple teams from different leagues. Each match has its own unique odds for the games provided on the gaming platform. Most of the cricket matches have side bets that offer slightly better payouts than regular bets. Players can bet on major leagues and test cricket matches too. Only the legal leagues are run by the respective cricket association.

Can one make money when betting on cricket leagues?

It is possible to make money when betting on cricket leagues. Gaming platforms provide payment methods that players can use to deposit money on the betting platform and place bets. The payment methods can also be used to withdraw winnings from the platform. When players make the right predictions on their bets, the winnings are credited to the player’s accounts.

How many cricket leagues exist?

There are different cricket leagues worldwide that involve various cricket teams. It is hard to establish the exact number since new leagues are established on a regular basis. As the cricket game grew popular, many more leagues developed. Cricket leagues provide an interesting gaming opportunity for the various teams that participate in them. The leagues are also a great source of entertainment for the fans as they get to watch numerous teams compete for the league title.

How often do cricket leagues take place?

Entire cricket leagues take place after every year. The leagues take place at a certain period every year where the different teams get to compete for the title. The winning team gets to take home huge cash rewards and endorsement deals. The cricket leagues offer a lot of business opportunities for gaming platforms and broadcasting agencies.