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Online Cricket Satta Bazar

Online cricket Satta Bazar provides you with a chance to enjoy satta in cricket and win real money. However lucrative it may sound, it can pose some challenges for starters. Cricket Satta has been with us for decades. The satta bazars refer to a wagering market with various betting options, odds, and rates. This guide will help you figure out where to play the online cricket satta in India and how to do it.

Best cricket Satta Bazar site in India

To play cricket satta, you need to select the best sites. Remember, if a site has been highlighted as a great one, it means that they offer great cricket betting. Luckily for you, no need to research deeply on each of the sites on your own. We have done the hard part for you. Therefore, you will just utilize the information we have shared here to choose. Moreover, we have detailed the best online cricket Satta bazars right below.

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What makes these sites the best?

You might be wondering: Why are these the best sites, yet there are hundreds of betting platforms in India? Well, we have looked at various factors, their performance, and much more to determine the satta bazars that come on top. These are the aspects we have considered in your shortlisting procedure:

  1. They possess amazing in-play betting elements.
  2. They offer various options for live streaming cricket matches.
  3. The satta bazars offer wonderful odds that can make you a profit.
  4. They have an incredibly user-friendly interface.
  5. They are mobile-friendly.
  6. They possess mobile applications for the cricket satta bazar.
  7. Well-reputed authorities regulate them.
  8. They offer multiple safe and secure methods for depositing and cashing out winnings.

Here are the best cricket satta bazar online;

  1. Parimatch- the site that offers great live streaming.
  2. Betway– the most trusted online satta bazar cricket
  3. 10Cric– the satta bazar for impressive offers.
  4. 4Rabet– it offers a great welcome package for new punters.
  5. 22Bet– it offers various cricket markets in every cricket satta game.
  6. ComeOn– it is ranked among the best cricket Satta bazars.
  7. Bollybet– a great Indian cricket Satta bazar.
  8. Pure Win– ideal for punters to satta on cricket.
  9. Fun88– it has a cricket betting exchange.
  10. 1xBet– this is a popular cricket Satta bazar in India.

What is Online Cricket Satta Bazar?

A long time ago, people would visit local Satta bazars for betting. However, times have changed, and it is now easily accessible on various devices, including the PC and mobile devices. It is what we refer to as the satta bazar in cricket. In short, satta refers to ‘betting’ while the Bazar refers to the ‘markets.’

Excitingly, the online world offers amazing platforms for betting. However, you need to be extra careful when making your selection. Each of the sites has unique features and might slightly differ in its services. And that is the main objective of creating this article. You will learn a lot about online cricket Satta bazar, and how to win.

How to Play online cricket satta bazaar

Playing Satta bazar online cricket is quite easy, especially if you are a devoted fan of the game. In addition, if you have read our cricket guides, you can use the knowledge you have gained to successfully bet on the sport. In addition, you need to follow the news, trends and history of the teams to come up with viable bets. The main goal is to get the best cricket experience in Satta Bazaar. And this is only possible if you do it right.

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To play online cricket Satta Bazar, you can do this:

  1. Choose the cricket satta website you would like to be using from today. We have reviewed various top sites, and you can select one of them.
  2. Register on the satta bazar and add funds using any of the banking options available at the site.
  3. If the satta bazar offers a welcome bonus, you can claim it after depositing the real money.
  4. Select the cricket match you intend to predict and enter your stakes.
  5. Place the satta bet and wait for the match to take place.
  6. Also, you can enjoy in-play betting, but this happens when the math is in progress. Thus, you will need to watch the online cricket satta game and place your bets while the action is still on.

Some of the popular online cricket Satta bazar bets you can place include; match-winner, toss winner, match handicap, top team batsman, total match sixes, etc.

Best websites for betting Satta Bazar

Punters need the best websites when it comes to online cricket betting. Notably, the best sites are famous for their excellent services. Besides, they also possess some great betting features, and that is what every bettor wants. Thus, we have shared the websites for betting Satta Bazar in India. You can now select the one you deem great for you from these three best picks.



Betway is an internationally recognized Satta bazar that offers unique features. Ideally, you can use this website for betting on various sports, including cricket. Besides, it will offer live bets, safe payments, data protection, and much more. Eventually, you will enjoy a great Satta Bazar experience.


  1. It offers high odds.
  2. It offers a wide range of markets for betting on.
  3. Special promotions are rampant.
  4. Offers an app for mobile users.


  1. Its live stream can still do better.

Play Betway


If you want to be on a great online cricket Satta Bazar, try Parimatch. This is the website that offers excellent navigation from one page to the other. In addition, all its features are functional, and customer care is always ready to handle your queries and complaints. Moreover, you can bet safely because the site has security measures put in place to protect your transactions and your financial data.


  1. It offers excellent odds
  2. It has great markets for the cricket online satta bazar
  3. It offers apps for iOS and Android mobile devices.


  1. The site does not offer the best bonuses

Play Parimatch



Fun88 is yet another great online satta on cricket. This is because it has the best promos that you can use to bet more on the matches. Also, the site has high levels of security owing to its advanced SSL encryption. Besides, a fully licensed Satta Bazar offers punters the surety of being paid their winnings. Additionally, having a reliable customer service team helps it handle all issues in time to facilitate a smooth betting experience.


  1. Great promos
  2. Excellent live stream.
  3. Reliable banking options.
  4. A variety of satta market cricket for betting.


  1. Its in-play online cricket satta odds can be made better.

Play Fun88

IPL Satta Bazar 

The Indian Premier League is a top-rated event that happens every year from March to May. During its season, punters can reap big from betting activities. This is because the cricket leagues involves many teams from various parts of India. Thus, you can be sure that the matches will be spread over the season’s calendar. Therefore, you can bet on each match, combine several or just do it the way you wish.

Happily, there are many websites and apps that you can utilize for the IPL Satta bazar. However, you should consider joining the top sites or IPL apps. Go through the reviews of each of the websites to learn more. Also, you can make accounts on more than one cricket satta site as it is allowed. Lastly, learn the IPL betting tactics and additional betting tips to help you enjoy a fulfilling betting experience.

Mobile Cricket Satta

Many bettors are now using mobile phones to access online services. The same applies to Satta bazar. You can also use the mobile device to access the satta bazars to place your bets. These mobile devices can access the platforms using the browser or apps. Indeed, there are so many pros to using mobile devices and a few cons.


  1. It is a more convenient option.
  2. The mobile offers alerts on the satta cricket game.
  3. You can place bets from any part of India and at any time.
  4. You can stay logged into the app.
  5. It is easier to use compared to the websites.


  1. The apps take much space on your device.
  2. They don’t offer a great live cricket experience.
  3. The features are always compressed.

Playing cricket Satta

Playing online cricket Satta Bazar does not require special training. Usually, punters use their knowledge about the sport to choose the winning bets. Besides, you may require handy tips. Here are the pointers you can use.

Tips for Online Cricket Satta Bazar

You can do marvelous things in online satta bazar cricket if you learn how it works. Thus, the first step should be learning the trade so that you can be sure of what you are doing. Besides, you should keep updated on the news, trends, and many other aspects of the sport. Notably, the history of the teams can also help you make the right choices.

However, because we understand the importance of having handy tips on your mind, we have compiled a couple of them below. These useful pointers will help you get the best experience in the cricket satta bazar in India.

  1. Always consider the best sites– You need to bet on the sites that provide punters with exceptional Satta Bazar services. Consider factors like reputation, licensing, payment options, security, and other crucial factors to choose the right website or app.
  2. Create multiple accounts– It is okay to create various accounts for your betting. You can create an account with Betway, another one on Parimatch, and the last one on Fun88. This strategy will help you to find great odds.
  3.  Consider it a hobby– You can win real money in this satta Bazar. However, you should not rely on it entirely. This is because it is a matter of chance, and it might be hard to earn a living from satta bazars. Thus, try as much as you can to do it as a hobby but still use handy tips to win money.
  4. Watch the matches– Watching the matches gives you powerful insights for making your judgment. Remember, you can easily tell if a particular team will win if you are watching the real action as it unfolds. However, if you never watch the matches, it will be quite difficult for you to make the right bets.
  5. Budgeting- You should come up with a budget showing the amount of cash you intend to spend on the satta bazars. As stated earlier, this is a game of pure chance. This means that you can lose or win. Nothing is guaranteed here. Thus, it would not be nice to invest everything you have in this activity.
  6. Diversify- Since the websites offer different markets, you can place various bets. This means that if one of the losses, you might still earn on the remaining bets. That is what experts call diversification, and it will help you earn profits even when you lose in some of the best. 
  7. Consider using apps instead- You can use the sites, but it is better to use the apps. Note that the app can stay logged in and offer real-time updates on the bets. Besides, the apps can provide you with quick updates on the news and trends of the sport. This means that you will stay updated about the various happenings in the cricketing realm. 

Live Cricket Satta Rates

You can always find the best odds to place bets on. Remember, these odds are developed by the betting firms. In most cases, you will find some markets with very low odds, meaning that they have the highest chance of winning. However, live betting offers different rates because it depends on the progress of the match. Thus, the live odds will keep fluctuating with time.

Finding the best rates is possible. To achieve that, you need to sign up at three websites. You can even increase the number to four to ensure that you can compare the rates. Eventually, you can always choose to bet on the platform with great returns. Also, you can always check out reviews about the various sites. The reviewer might mention something about the sites that offer great rates.

Best Cricket Satta Websites 2023

Here are the top satta websites;

  1. LeonBet– has many freebies for its bettors.
  2. NEO.Bet– a huge welcome bonus of 200%.
  3. 4rabet– is the best bonus website for Indian punters.
  4. Parimatch– the website with great elements for betting.
  5. Casumo– a new sportsbook with incredible features.
  6. ComeOn– a great site for IPL bettors.
  7. Fun88– the site with a cricket betting exchange.
  8. Betway– the website with great odds.
  9. 22bet– one of the well-reputed cricket betting websites in India.
  10. 10Cric– offers an impressive promo to the punters.

What do you need to play cricket Satta bazar?

Playing online cricket Satta bazar requires a website and a bit of knowledge about the sport. The primary objective of this hobby is to predict the possible outcome, and if it is true, you win cash. Thus, there is no demand for technical skills or a degree. You can even earn more profits from just analyzing the past matches of the team.

Also, you can follow the team’s news about cricket satta in English, transfers, injuries, and much more to help make winning bets. Thus, always check out our handy guides for help. Also, you will require a good payment method for uploading the funds. On top of that, you will need an internet connection.

How to register to play cricket satta bazar in Hindi?

Registration on the Satta bazar is easy. Indeed, the process will take just a few minutes. However, keep in mind that you can’t place bets if you are not registered. Thus, the step should be creating your account. Happily, the account creation is quite simple, as detailed below;

You will be required to reveal the following:

  1. Personal details such as name, email address, date of birth, phone number, etc.
  2. Contact details such as a residential address, email, phone number, etc.
  3. KYC documents like the PAN card or the Aardhar for account verification. Remember, these sites are meant for adults, and you have to confirm that before you can start using them.

How to make your first deposit in online cricket Satta?

Depositing cash into the account is easy. Excitingly, the websites accept various methods that are safe and secure. But before we reveal the various payment methods, here is a quick process of depositing money;

  1. Visit the sportsbook website.
  2. Click on the deposit funds button.
  3. A form will pop up. Fill the form as per the fields provided. .
  4. Enter the amount of money.
  5. Click submit.

Notably, the deposits are instant. On top of that, they are highly secured by the SSL encryption used by the website.

You can deposit money using these options:

  1. UPI
  2. Cryptocurrency
  3. Mastercard
  4. Indian Net Banking
  5. AstroPay
  6. MuchBetter
  7. PayPal
  8. Paytm
  9. VISA
  10. Neteller
  11. Skrill
  12. PhonePe
  13. Google Pay

How to win online Satta cricket?

Winning online Satta cricket is quite simple if you learn how to play cricket satta in advance. Note that the step should be opting for the right online cricket satta site. As stated earlier, the best website to choose should provide you with exceptional services. It must offer safe and reliable banking options. Besides, it must be trusted across India and have a variety of betting markets. On top of that, the site must have a reliable customer care team to take care of all your complaints.

Also, make sure you have knowledge of the happenings in the cricketing realm. Lastly, make sure you follow the cricket satta bazar tips we have revealed above. They will be of great help in your betting journey. On top of that, you can always visit our website for further guidelines. do not stop there since there is much you can learn from watching cricket satta bazar videos.


There are great offers available on various online satta cricket bazars. However, it is not always easy to get such deals unless you put in some effort. The first thing is to know where to get the deals and how to receive them. Happily, the offers are available on various review sites. For example, you can find great offers on our website. You can check out the sites with bonuses, and there is also a ‘claim bonus’ button.

Also, you can visit the respective websites to check the offers. As stated earlier, it is okay to sign up on various online cricket satta bazar India to leverage offers. To get the offers, you should claim them. Moreover, ensure you review the wagering requirements attached to each offer. Lastly, you can still get great odds on the different sites. Thus, keep your eyes open for both great promotions and odds too.


Please check out these comprehensive frequently asked questions about cricket satta online.

Why do so many people play the India cricket satta bazar

Cricket enjoys much love across India, and many people want to predict the outcomes of the various matches. Thus, it is a double win for the punters because they enjoy the thrill of the cricket match and still make money from it through betting.

Is Cricket Satta legal in India? 

Yes, it is allowed to play satta cricket in India. Thus, you will not be punished or arrested if you play the online cricket Satta bazar.

How to choose the best site сricket Satta bazar? 

You can choose the best Indian cricket satta bazar by considering factors like license, good reputation, markets offered, rates available, live streaming features, security, payment options available, and promos.

How to get a bonus on your first deposit сricket satta? 

You need to add funds to the account. However, some sites have minimum deposit requirements that you should meet to qualify for the bonus.

What is the minimum rate for online cricket Satta in India?

Various sites offer different low rates that you can bet on. For example, you can find some sites with rates as low as 50 INR.